Mapping The New Economy

This workshop will explore tools and best practices with organizers from municipal and national mapping projects and provide participants an opportunity to begin mapping their community. Mira Luna, from Shareable, Noemi Giszpenc, from Data Commons Cooperative, and Lauren Hudson from SolidarityNYC will lead.
Noemi Giszpenc, Executive Director of the Cooperative Development Institute (, manages the day-to-day activities of the organization. She began her career as an economics researcher at the World Bank, worked as an editor at the Nonprofit Quarterly, a magazine for nonprofit managers, and became a principal at Ownership Associates, Inc., a consulting firm in Cambridge, MA specializing in developing an ownership culture at employee-owned firms. As part of earning a Master’s in Community Economic Development from Southern New Hampshire University, she did a thesis on the creation of a cooperative economy in the Northeast, including the practical development of an interactive cooperative directory, which has now evolved into the Data Commons Cooperative ( She has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Mira Luna is the Organizing Director and writer for She is a long time social and environmental justice activist, community organizer and journalist, working to develop an alternative economy. She co-founded Bay Area Community Exchange, a regional open source timebank, the San Francisco Really Really Free Market and JASecon, and has served on the boards of the Board of the San Francisco Community Land Trust and the US Solidarity Economy Network (current). She co-coordinated the Bay Area Participatory Budgeting Tour, the first Homestead Skillshare Festival in San Francisco, the Festival of Grassroots Economics in Oakland and two workshops for the Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives.
Lauren Hudson is a recent graduate from Sarah Lawrence College, where she concentrated in studio arts and political geography. Her interests include solidarity economics, feminist geography, and participatory action research. Ms. Hudson is currently a New York City Civic Corps member serving at New York Writers Coalition and is a member of Solidarity NYC. She lives in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.