New Economy Coalition (NEC)

Our Mission:

The New Economy Coalition (NEC) is a network of organizations imagining and building a future where people, communities, and ecosystems thrive. Together, we are creating deep change in our economy and politics—placing power in the hands of people and uprooting legacies of harm—so that a fundamentally new system can take root.

Our network advances change in three main ways:

  1. We convene and connect leaders to tackle common challenges in their work to build a new economy.
  2. We amplify stories, tools, and analysis, weaving a collective new economy narrative that can build shared identity, shift culture and policy, and promote a clear vision of the next system.
  3. We lift up the work of communities on the frontlines of interrelated economic and ecological crises who are organizing for transformative change, through right relationships and direct support.

Our Vision:

At the New Economy Coalition, we’re driven by a belief that all our struggles—for racial, economic, and climate justice; for true democratic governance and community ownership; for prosperity rooted in interdependence with the earth’s natural systems—are deeply interconnected. Rising to the challenge of building a better world demands that we fundamentally transform our economic and political systems.

We must imagine and create a future where capital (wealth and the means of creating it) is a tool of the people, not the other way around. What we need is a new system—a new economy—that meets human needs, enhances the quality of life, and allows us to live in balance with nature. Far from a dream, this new economy is bursting forth through the cracks of the current system as people experiment with new forms of business, governance, and culture that give life to the claim that another world is possible.

What is the New Economy?

The “new economy” represents an emerging vision for a just, sustainable, and democratic future. 

Justice: A new economy must work for all people, starting with those who have historically been marginalized and exploited by racism, imperialism, classism, patriarchy, and other systems of oppression.

Sustainability: A new economy supports regeneration of both human and natural systems. It builds community resilience by rooting wealth and power in place and in service of human needs on a finite planet.

Democracy: A new economy incorporates democratic principles into the management of economic and civic life.

We believe that centuries of economic extraction have undermined aspirations for a democratic society. Concentration of power in the hands of a privileged few is incompatible with the long-term health of our communities and our ecosystems. Structural racism and inequality, coupled with unsustainable consumption and an addiction to fossil fuels, allow this system to persist while spelling out a future with less opportunity and more vulnerability for the vast majority of people.

We can choose to accept this fate or we can demand something different.

All around us, innovators are building cooperative, ethical, and community-rooted enterprises, reclaiming the commons, and democratizing and reorienting finance. We are finding new ways to share skills and goods, measure success, and meet growing human needs on a finite planet. At the same time, our growing mobilizations in the streets are building power to resist and replace unjust systems. Through all of these efforts, a movement is emerging that could change our society and the world.

NEC exists to support this movement.

This movement is not ideologically rigid or one-size-fits-all. Under unjust systems, exploited communities have long experimented with different ways of building community economies as a means of survival. These groups have deep and valuable experience imagining and creating alternatives. We celebrate and learn from the work that came before us, striving to listen and follow leadership from frontline communities in building this new economy for all.

Current members of NEC:

  • 1Worker1Vote
  • Alliance For Sustainability And Prosperity
  • American Independent Business Alliance
  • American Sustainable Business Council
  • Anti-Oppression Resource and Training Alliance (AORTA)
  • Association For Enterprise Opportunity
  • B Lab
  • Baldwin Brothers Inc.
  • The Board Of Change
  • Boston Impact Initiative
  • Bring It Local
  • Business Alliance For Local Living Economies (BALLE)
  • Camas Partners
  • Canadian Community Economic Development Network
  • Canadian Worker Co-op Federation
  • The Capital Institute
  • Caring Economy Campaign
  • The Carrot Project
  • Center For A New American Dream
  • Center For Economic Democracy
  • Center For Social Inclusion
  • Center For The Advancement Of The Steady State Economy
  • Center On Wisconsin Strategy
  • Class Action
  • CoFED
  • Community Builders Of Long Island
  • Community Purchasing Alliance
  • Community Sourced Capital
  • Compression Institute
  • Concord Climate Action Network
  • Conservation Law Foundation
  • Cooperative Development Institute
  • CoopZone Developers' Network
  • Cooperative Fund Of New England
  • Corporate Accountability International
  • Croatan Institute
  • Cutting Edge Capital
  • Demand Progress
  • The Democracy Collaborative
  • Demos
  • Domini Social Investments
  • Donella Meadows Institute
  • Earth Action
  • Earth Island Institute
  • Economists For Equity and Environment
  • Ecotrust
  • Equal Exchange
  • The Equity Trust
  • Food First
  • Foundation Earth
  • Freelancers Union
  • Friends Of The Earth
  • Fund for Democratic Communities
  • The Garden Project
  • Global Development And Environment Institute at Tufts University
  • Global Wellbeing Institute
  • Grand Aspirations
  • GreenAmerica
  • Green For All
  • Green Map System
  • Groundswell
  • Gund Institute For Ecological Economics
  • The Happathon Project
  • hOurworld
  • Impact Hub DC
  • Initiave For Equality
  • Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
  • Institute for Local Self Reliance
  • Institute for Policy Studies
  • International Society for Ecology and Culture
  • ioby
  • Jamaica Plain New Economy Transition
  • Labor Network for Sustainability
  • The Liberty Tree Foundation
  • Living Economies Forum
  • Local Enterprise Assistance Fund
  • The Marion Institute
  • Missourians Organizing for Reform & Empowerment (MORE)
  • Move To Amend
  • Movement Generation Justice and Ecology Project
  • National People's Action
  • National Priorities Project
  • Natural Capitalism Solutions
  • New Economics Foundation (nef)
  • New England Grassroots Environment Fund
  • North American Students of Cooperation
  • Nortwest Atlantic Marine Alliance
  • Nuclear Information & Resource Service
  • One Earth
  • Ownership Associates
  • Participatory Budgeting Project
  • Patagonia
  • Peace Development Fund
  • Peers
  • Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance
  • PolicyLink
  • Post Carbon Institute
  • Post Growth Institute
  • Program in Nature-Culture-Sustainability Studies at RISD
  • Project Equity
  • Public Banking Institute
  • Public Works
  • Real Food Challenge
  • ReDesign Reading
  • Responsible Endowments Coalition
  • Rethinking Economics
  • RSF Social Finance
  • Schumacher Center for a New Economics (SCNE)
  • Second Nature
  • Self-Help Credit Union / Self-Help Federal Credit Union
  • Senior Entrepreneurship Works
  • Shareable
  • Slow Money
  • Small Planet institute
  • Soul Of The Next Economy
  • The South Mountain Company
  • Sostenica
  • Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative (SCORAI)
  • Sustainable Economies Law Center
  • Sustainable Endowments Institute
  • Take Back Your Time
  • Tellus Institute
  • The Thomas Merton Center
  • TimeBanks USA
  • Transition Town Peterborough
  • TransitionUS
  • Trillium Asset Management
  • United Students For Fair Trade
  • US Federation Of Worker Cooperatives
  • Unitarian Universalist Community Cooperatives
  • Vermonters for a New Economy
  • Worcester Roots Project
  • The Working World
  • YES! Magazine
For more information about NEC, please contact us.