New Economy Week: October 12-18, 2013

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It’s becoming clearer every day that something is wrong in America. We see symptoms of a deeper problem through our own experiences with growing inequality, chronic unemployment, financial instability, undemocratic consolidations of power, environmental crisis, and the declining wellbeing of communities, families, and individuals. Many of us have come to the realization that our economy is out of control; undermining many of those things we hold most dear. For some this leads to despair or resignation, for others it inspires activism, and for increasingly more Americans it leads to a desire and a commitment to innovate and build something that works better for the people, planet, and places we love.

New Economy Week is a celebration of this innovative spirit, an opportunity to shine a light on the thousands upon thousands of things that everyday people are doing right now to build a new kind of economy. These innovators are all around us engaged in the work of growing co-operative and independent enterprises, democratizing and stabilizing finance through credit unions, finding new ways to share skills and goods, new ways to measure success, and new ways to meet growing human needs on an all too finite planet.

From October 12-18, we will be highlighting events, actions, reports, works of art, and other projects all across the United States. By calling attention to the thousands of things people are doing right now to build a new kind of economy, we hope to inspire more participation in this movement and catalyze a national conversation on the need for deep, systemic change.

We humbly invite you to take part in this celebration, to convene your friends and your community, and to explore how you could be a part of building real alternatives in the midst of the place you live.

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If you're looking for ideas about what to do in your community, visit our get involved page!