Jan/Feb 2013


Can the Miracle Work Again?

One of the things that happened is that by raising the divestment question, people unleashed a whole set of disturbing ideas and questions into institutions that had never thought of them or did not want to think about them. That’s one of divestment’s critical roles. It says to an institution, “You are an owner of stock and therefore of part of a company. As an owner, you have responsibility for the decisions and actions of that firm, at least partially. Are you aware? Do you support those actions?”  Click for full Article


October 3, 2012


The Moral Dilemma of Growth by Bob Massie

My mother is Swiss, and a few years ago we paid a visit to an elegant old farmer in a village where our extended family now gathers in the summertime. He had a deep love of history and his chalet was filled with ancient Swiss woodworking tools and historical items. During our tour, he pointed to the distant mountain pastures where his cattle were grazing for the summer.”  Click for full Article


July 18, 2012


Ann Goodman interviews Bob Massie about his vision for the New Economics Institute

Massie says there are four key pillars to NEI’s strategy: developing new theory, building local examples, communicating existing information to much broader circles, and catalyzing change among different parties. “We are in the nursery of the new,” he says. That means inventing new forms of practice; building the foundations for systems that bring us all the benefits of prosperity without the suicidal consequences of growth; and “expanding the definition of wealth so that we recognize that what we own, monetize, and trade is only part of what makes us rich.”  Click for full Article

June 25, 2012


New York Times Andrew Revkin discusses his views on Strategies for a New Economy Conference


"Given persistent debt troubles, the deep divisions between haves and have nots, and wear and tear on the planet’s living systems, there’s much talk these days of new ways to define, gauge and nurture economic progress." - Click for full Article


June 21, 2012


NEI's 'Global Transition Map to a New Economy' Chosen as 'Map of the Week' by Google Geo Developers Blog 


Google Geo Developers Blog celebrated the Map for its innovative info-graphics style and user-friendly interface, saying it hopes the tool will be used to 'help solve the environmental and economic problems we face'.  -  Click for full Article


June 14, 2012


'We're all screwed, and we can fix it' - Woodstock Times weights in on Strategies for a New Economy


By Sue Pilla


There can be a visibly profound sense of commitment and a sense of shared purpose when people of like-minded intention have the opportunity to meet, as happened this past weekend on the Bard College campus in Annandale. These people were excited, motivated and happy. They networked incessantly. - Click for Full Article 


June 7, 2012 




In what organizers consider a watershed moment in the shift toward supporting a new economic system that serves human well-being and operates within planetary limits, nearly 500 people are devoting a spring weekend to attending the first-ever Strategies for a New Economy Conference, which sold out six week in advance. - Click for Full Press Release 


May 30, 2012


New Economic Horizons: Gus Speth and Will Raap Interview on Sea Change Radio 




Sea Change Radio founder Bill Baue serves as this week’s guest host, speaking to NEI Board Members and leading environmental thinkers Gus Speth and Will Raap, who’ll be participating at Strategies for a New Economy Conference. 

Listen to full interviews here:

Gus Speth


Will Raap 


May 23, 2012

Strategies for a New Economy Conference now available for viewing via Live-Stream

We are delighted to announce that the conference plenaries, and several of the workshops will be live-streamed throughout the event. If you would like to sign up to view the live-stream, or if you have friends or colleagues who would be interested in watching, please be directed to the registration page here.


March 17, 2012     




New Economics Institute Appoints Bob Massie President / CEO


Download PDF Press Release


The New Economics Institute is very pleased to announce that Robert K. Massie has been appointed Founding President and Chief Executive Officer of the organization effective March 19, 2012.


Massie is an extraordinary leader with a rich background in social and economic change, theology, business, and politics.   From 1996 to 2003 Massie served as Executive Director of Ceres, the largest US coalition of investors, environmental organizations and other public interest groups working to address sustainability challenges. While at Ceres, Massie led the launch of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), a path breaking collaboration with the UN Environment Programme, of which he became Chair of the initial Steering Committee.   After leading the GRI, he also helped to establish the Investor Network on Climate Risk, another project of Ceres that brought together trillions of dollars of pension and investment assets to work on the financial consequences of climate change.   He has held various distinguished teaching and fellowship positions, many of them at Harvard University.


This appointment marks the highly successful conclusion of an executive search effort that the New Economics Institute  had been conducting for over one year. It also completes the transition of the thirty-year-old E. F. Schumacher Society into the New Economics Institute.  The transition was undertaken to enable the organization to meet the challenge and opportunity, created by current global financial conditions, to bring its mission to a wider audience.  With Massie on board, the Institute is in a strong position to realize its ambitious goal of effecting a change to an economy that gives priority to supporting human well-being and Earth’s natural systems.


"America has entered a vital historic phase in which many of our important institutions and assumptions are changing," said Massie, "The New Economics Institute is at the center of a vast constellation of creative ideas and actions that are giving form and vitality to positive change.  The new economy is coming into being all around us -- not just in the United States but around the world -- and we need to hasten its arrival.  I am delighted and honored to play my part."