Ten Solutions to Bridge the Racial Wealth Gap

The solutions in this report include:Baby BondsGuarantee Employment and Significantly Raise the Minimum WageInvest in Affordable HousingMedicare for AllPostal BankingSignificantly Raise Taxes on the Ultra-WealthyTurn Upside-Down Tax Expenditures Right-Side...

State of the Dream 2019: The Perfect Storm

State of the Dream 2019: The Perfect Storm explores how race and economic injustice are connected to natural disaster resilience and recovery. It features reflections from leaders and advocates that are fighting inequalities everyday, and contains a short, accessible...

State of Power 2019: Finance

TNI's eighth flagship State of Power report examines through essays and infographics the varied dimensions and dynamics of financial power, and how popular movements might regain control over money and finance.

Participatory Budgeting Scoping Toolkit

PB first came to the U.S. in 2009, when PBP worked with Alderman Joe Moorein Chicago to use PB to allocate his $1.3 million in capital discretionary funds,in his ward of 58,000 people. Since then, PB has spread to dozens of othercities, institutions, and funding...

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