Election 2016: The Care Deficit

Friday, September 16, 2016 - 2:00pm to 3:30pm

On September 16, 2016 Riane Eisler and Valerie Young will be addressing issues that threaten our national security and economic stability. How can our current policies be changed to provide both the prosperity and care needed to meet the challenges ahead? What tools do we have to craft a solid infrastructure of care that will meet irreducible human needs across the lifespan, promote economic equality, and further social justice? There are certainly rough times ahead. But action we take now could make a big difference.

Millions of Americans are caring for children, their aging parents, or other family members. In spite of the historic changes in family structure and the booming population of elder Americans, the US invests far less than other developed nations in supporting this essential work performed in families. Not only that, the fastest growing job sector of direct care workers and home health aides pays only near-poverty wages. Will this election mark a change in direction?

Your Election 2016 Care Package includes:
•the live 90-minute presentation/discussion with Riane Eisler and Valerie Young
•downloadable recording to watch and share
•Questions for Candidates data sheet
•Real Wealth 2016: Caring Economy Tools for Change Makers   a 12-page e-book with a timely new intro by Riane and Valerie that provides the information and data points you need to affect meaningful policy change in these turbulent times. This e-book distills the essence of Riane Eisler’s groundbreaking work in The Real Wealth of Nations, providing a powerful and relevant resource for policy makers and culture change leaders worldwide.

Election 2016: The Care Deficit
Friday September 16, 2016
11am-12:30pm Pacific/2-3:30 pm Eastern
Learn more and register at http://caringeconomy.org/election2016/

The Caring Economy Advocates Program and the Caring Economy Campaign are​ part of The Center for Partnership Studies.

Riane Eisler is the founder of the Center for Partnership Studies, the Caring Economy Campaign, and author of The Chalice & the Blade and The Real Wealth of Nations. Valerie Young brings years of experience as a policy analyst and writer on the ground in Washington, D.C. She is immersed in public policy as it pertains to women’s status, especially the impact of family care on women’s economic status.