Fair Housing and the Right to Return

Wednesday, February 20, 2019 - 2:30pm

In the face of an administration and Congress that are rolling back rent subsidies, affordable housing investments, and fair housing protections, housing justice advocates and community development practitioners have come up with innovative ways to respond to the affordable housing and eviction crises impacting low-income communities and people of color. Several cities and other jurisdictions have leveraged existing fair housing protections to prevent or redress displacement by prioritizing individuals facing displacement as a result of new development. This webinar will draw on the knowledge and experience gained through implementing successful fair housing campaigns in Portland, Oregon and New Orleans, Louisiana. Please join Dr. Lisa Bates and Cashauna Hill as they share the successes, challenges, and lessons learned in their efforts to use to fair housing laws to ensure that residents facing displacement are afforded the right to remain in their respective communities.  

Featured Speakers:
• Dr. Lisa Bates, Portland State University and 
• Cashauna Hill, Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Cente