Free Informational Call on the Collaborative Leadership Certification Program

Thursday, September 6, 2018 - 12:30pm to 1:30pm
Learn about Round Sky's online Level I, Collaborative Leadership Certification Program including key tools and practices that it focuses on, essential qualities and skills for collaborative leaders, and meet collaborative leaders, like you, who have been through the program. 
In this training, you'll gain:
- Democratic Management Tools
- Real Solutions to Harmful Power Dynamics
- Beyond Delegation to Actual Ownership
- Better Manage the Never Ending Task Lists
- A Community of Support
The info call is a great place to get your questions about the program answered and to hear from one of the instructors of the training. 
Applications due on September 13! 
"Learning to use Collab tools has dramatically increased my level of confidence in addressing complex situations in my organization and with our clients and partners. Where before I had vague intuitions and far more desire than knowledge about democratic processes, now I can competently assess trouble spots, suggest processes that address people’s needs for participation as well as structure, and use these processes myself to make concrete progress." 
~ Noemi Giszpenc, Level I Graduate 2017
Executive Director, Cooperative Development Institute