Free Webinar: 5 Practices for Overcoming Founder’s Syndrome in Collaborative Teams

Thursday, March 8, 2018 - 1:30pm

For mission-driven leaders, smooth collaboration between founders or founding members and their teams can be a lingering challenge. Conflicts or resistance can even happen between team members that have been in an organization for a while and the newer members. These conflicts can lead to increased turnover rate, staff silos or cliques, isolated founders (or founding members), and a lack of accountability. Getting past the common challenges that teams so often experience, enables teams to work better together while building stronger and more effective teams, leading to happy, successful, and fulfilled staff and more easily actualized missions.

In this webinar, Cecile Green starts by examining common issues that teams and founders or founding, long-standing members face. We’ll look at a workable definition of “founder’s syndrome” as it relates to this larger group, including some of it’s key symptoms. Then, we’ll dig into specific practices for smooth collaboration and teamwork between founders and teams from the perspective first of those of us who work with founders in one way or another, followed by some thoughts from the perspective of being a founder.

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