Fun and Inclusive Decision-Making: Foundations of Sociocracy

Friday, November 30, 2018 - 9:00am to Sunday, December 2, 2018 - 4:00pm
Washington, DC

9:00-5:00 Friday and Saturday; 9:00-4:00 Sunday
Venue: Bread for the City
1525 7th St NW, Washington DC 20001
(2 1/2 blocks from the Shaw/Howard metro)

Registration deadline: November 23rd

This 3-day workshop is presented by The Sociocracy Consulting Group, in collaboration with Vernon Oakes and Pat Thornton of Everything Co-op, Jim Johnson of Sociocracy for All, and Julia Eddy.

Do you expect meetings to be a drag? Do you dread group decision-making? Do agendas make you groan?

What would you think of an approach to making decisions that can be downright fun? A way of working together that leaves everybody energized and hopeful? A way of structuring organizations that is flexible, inclusive, and empowering?

Well, this way already exists! Sociocracy, also known as dynamic governance, is a whole systems approach to collaborative decision-making, project management, and organizational governance. It creates more inclusive and effective organizations, in which all stakeholders’ voices matter.

Sociocracy can be used in any group or organization as an option for easier and more inclusive decision-making, member-driven governance, and organizational design. People at all organizational levels make policy decisions that govern their own work, and communication flows bottom-up as well as top-down. And sociocracy aligns naturally with cooperative principles and practices!

The first two days will be an experiential workshop on the basics of sociocracy to help you learn the core concepts and determine if sociocracy might be right for your organization. The workshop will be led by Sociocracy Consulting Group members Sheella MiersonGina Price, and Linda Cote.

The third day will be shaped by who attends and aimed at supporting people to apply sociocracy in their organization or board.  A short basic board training for co-op board members may be included, led by local co-op developer Jim Johnson.

We will provide tea and coffee, snacks, and lunch all three days.

More information about sociocracy below. Also, you can download a printable flyer for the event (PDF format).

We are seeking sponsorships to help keep the workshop affordable for everyone, and to support scholarships for people who need financial assistance to attend. See the Sponsorship page for details.