Just Food Conference

Sunday, March 25, 2018 (All day)
Teachers College, Columbia University

2018 Just Food Conference
In Partnership with the Tisch Food Center

We are living through a time of continued political and cultural strife. While we face regressive policies and actions that are directly impacting our climate, neighborhoods, and livelihoods; we are also experiencing the spark of change that comes from the collective power of resistance. This is the opportune time in the food justice movement and beyond to consider how to persevere through inevitable crisis and to challenge ourselves to find new depths of wisdom, strength, and solidarity.

The food justice movement is intersectional and complex. The theme, “Persist/Resist!”, at the 2018 Just Food Conference reflects this complexity which evokes multiple meanings and shows up in different aspects of our work and our lives. It is our hope that this theme will inspire us to explore what it means to strive for equity, forge new alliances, re-calibrate existing ones, and restore ourselves. 

The Just Food Conference has a history of amplifying the diverse-often unheralded- voices of NYC community food and agriculture leaders who are the most impacted by the systemic inequities we face; and yet are the ones with the knowledge to create the transformative solutions needed. This year, the 2018 Just Food Conference will convene urban and rural growers, social justice activists, food entrepreneurs, CSA core group leaders, Community- Run Farmers Market managers, youth justice leaders, food policy advocates, and other cross sector stakeholders to share how “Persist/Resist!” resonates in their varied work and experiences. Social justice rooted healers and practitioners will also highlight how healing is a form of resistance and how it is integral to the long term commitment of achieving racial equity and food justice.