A New Social Contract: Guaranteeing Dignity in a Precarious Economy

Monday, March 6, 2017 - 6:00pm
New York, NY

The United States is one of the wealthiest countries the world has seen, yet we live in extreme inequality and insecurity. From day laborers and factory workers to freelancers and academics, precarity is the new normal. Jobs, wages, health care, pensions: nothing is assured. Yet there is nothing inevitable about this precarity: it is the result of policy choices, and we, as a country can choose a new future. Many scholars and activists are sharing new visions for a more just, equitable society. Join us for a conversation exploring the pros and cons of a universal basic income, baby bonds, reverse income taxes, and other bold ideas to rewire our inequitable economy. 

• Alyssa Battistoni, Editor, Jacobin Magazine and PhD Student, Dept. of Political Science at Yale University
• Lisa Duggan, Director of Gender and Sexuality Studies at NYU
• Darrick Hamilton, Associate Professor of Economics & Urban Policy at The New School
• More speakers to be announced soon

Moderated by Cathy Albisa, National Economic and Social Rights Initiative (NESRI)

Hosted by Maya Wiley, Henry Cohen Professor of Urban Policy and Management and Senior Vice President for Social Justice at The New School

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Presented by the National Economic and Social Rights Initiative (NESRI) and The Henry Cohen Lecture Series at The New School.

Event Location:
55 W 13th St
NY, NY 10011
United States
Additional Location Info:

The New School, Theresa Lang Community and Student Center