Sociocracy Leadership Training

Thursday, January 17, 2019 - 6:30am to Thursday, March 14, 2019 - 6:30am

SoLT is an innovative training program where you can experience what sociocracy feels like by doing it. SoLT (Sociocracy Leadership Training) is our favorite training, and it prepares you to be part of a sociocratic organization.

SoLT consists of 14 two-hour meetings over the course of 9 weeks:

  • 5 whole group meetings -- Participants get to know each other, receive instruction, practice and monitor the progress of the class.
  • 6 circle meetings -- SoFA assembles 5-6 learners into a circle. They meet using the sociocratic process to work on a shared project, for example by interviewing and writing up case studies about a sociocratic organization. An experienced trainer is present at every meeting to support the process, provide resources and connections.
  • 3 Reflection sessions -- questions and answers in small groups where you can ask questions that come up in your context.
  • Each participant is expected to work on their circle's project (about 1 hour per week) and to engage with content about sociocracy (about 1 hour per week). Participants might choose to hold additional meetings to work on their project.

This is an online sociocracy class, i.e. all the meetings and training happen online in video conferences . You can join from wherever you are. The participants are typically from all over the world.