Web Security for Activists and Organizers with CoLab and Michael Loadenthal

Thursday, July 9, 2020 - 11:00am to 12:30pm

Join CoLab and anarchist activist Michael Loadenthal as we explore how we can develop strategies to counter repression in online spaces.

This webinar will focus on mapping political repression, understanding security threats, and developing strategies to organize more securely in digital environments. What does political repression look like today? How can it be reflected in past eras? How has it changed? We will begin by exploring how repression operates generally, and how to understand these strategies historically. How can repression be examined psychologically, legally, in policing and intelligence practices, and through the lens of language?

Secondly, how can individuals understand their own personal security threats and risks? How can we model these insecurities, vulnerabilities, and behaviors, and what counter-measures are appropriate to help mitigate danger? What are the different risks associated with disruption, observation, exposure, infiltration and theft? How do these threat models help to formulate our varied counter-measures? What is the difference between practice-based and tool-based solutions, and which ones are right for you?

Finally, how can we build on this knowledge to develop practical strategies and methods for countering repression and organizing with greater security in online settings? What are 'best practices' for using cell phones, cloud storage and Zoom? How can these tools be combined to increase security within our diverse, digital ecosystems. Before concluding, we will save ample time for questions and answers!

Michael Loadenthal has been an anarchist organizer and trainer for the past two decades, and regularly writes and speaks about strategies of resistance, state repression, operational security, and political violence. He has been an organizer with a variety of local, national, and international networks helping to plan and protect direct action campaigns on four continents. Currently he resides in Cincinnati, Ohio and serves as the Executive Director of the Prosecution Project, and the Peace and Justice Studies Association. For more context on Dr. Loadenthal's work, please check out Evolving Digital OPSEC Practices Amongst Far-Right Networks and Now That Was A Riot!: Social Control in Felonious Times.

This is part of a series of webinars that CoLab Cooperative hosts throughout the year to bring people together around important issues facing us today like the role of art and tech in social justice, how tech can foster the solidarity economy, and scaling cooperatives while maintaining values. Please join the movement for worker empowerment, economic justice, and workplace democracy with us!