Leadership Transition at NEC

On the road to leadership transformation

September 27, 2018

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We have some big news. After three great years as NEC's executive director, Jonathan Rosenthal is transitioning out of the organization. We hope you’ll join us in saying thank you to Jonathan. We’re grateful for all that he has contributed to this organization, and we’ll miss him.

We also hope you'll send a big welcome to NEC's interim Co-Directors -- Anand Jahi, Eli Feghali, Kelly Baker, and Shavaun Evans -- a group that over the last three years has not only directed our programs but also coordinated budgeting, hiring, and organizational strategy.

Over the next few months, we'll be developing our next multiyear strategic plan while NEC's existing programs and network of 200+ member organizations continue pushing forward, building the power of the new economy movement.

Along the way we’ll be turning to you -- our closest supporters and allies -- for help. Transformation ask us to dig deeper, to test our assumptions, to rely on our community. Unlike the system we are working to change, the future we are building will require a culture of abundance, interdependence, and community. To make NEC what we need it to be, we need all of us.

With gratitude,
The NEC Staff and Board

From Jonathan Rosenthal:

From my first day at NEC, it was clear that we had an abundance of leadership on our team. For the network to soar, we needed to create an environment and culture where many leaders could thrive and where difficult decisions could be made collectively. I knew that if we succeeded, the time would come when NEC should transition to a new structure altogether.

That time is now. I will be stepping aside so that new leadership can step forward.

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From NEC's interim Co-Directors:

NEC has come a long way since our founding in 2008.

We have worked to transform our organizational culture from being top-down and corporate to embodying the values of the new economy movement. We have changed from being a largely white, upper class organization to one whose staff and board are majority people of color, and significantly more geographically and socioeconomically diverse. We have committed to a vision of the new economy movement led by those on the frontlines, to talking about and being about racial justice, to valuing the essential role of grassroots organizations and people’s movements in social change.

Although we still have a ways to go, so much has changed -- and it’s no accident.

Today, we’re on the road to transformation again.

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