NEC is excited to launch #NowWeOwn-- a campaign to share the stories of communities shifting power away from corporations and into their own hands. Here are three reasons to join us!

Show the world that there are many alternatives.

It’s time to rewrite the rules of ownership. Instead of it being about individual success and dominating the Monopoly board, what if ownership was about communities controlling what they need to survive and thrive? What if it wasn’t about me or you owning … but about us?

The strategies are out there: through worker-owned co-ops we own our jobs; credit unions and CDFI’s give us control of our banks; community land trusts give us ownership of our neighborhoods; and much more. Help bring them to light!

Celebrate community power.

In recent years, communities across the world have taken back power from major corporations, banks, utility companies, and so much more. Those stories are worth celebrating, sharing, and even replicating!

It’s easy!

Join us by sharing your story on social media. Tell us how your community is democratizing ownership and building power and tag your with #NowWeOwn. (Instagram & Twitter)

The #NowWeOwn Social Media Toolkit is here to guide you!

Don’t forget to follow the #NowWeOwn stories shared by others and get inspired.