Class Action

A national nonprofit founded in 2004, Class Action inspires action to end classism. Our framework and analysis guides people from all backgrounds to identify and address issues of class and classism within the context of economic inequality, organizational classism, interpersonal classism and cultural classism. We explore class identities, facilitate cross-class dialogue and highlight the intersections of race and class at every level.

We do all of this through powerful popular education trainings, workshops, presentations, organizational consulting, and public education.    Class Action’s vision for a world without classism is one that:  •Meets everyone’s basic needs;  •Treats people from every background, race, class status and rank with dignity and respect;  •Supports the development of all people to their full potential;  •Reduces the vast differences in income, wealth and access to resources; and   •Ensures everyone has a voice in the decisions that affect them.



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