Cutting Edge Counsel

The mission of Cutting Edge Capital is to provide leadership toward a healthy, just, and sustainable new economy. Cutting Edge Capital collaborates with visionary, courageous changemakers to bring new capital to the new economy. The mainstream models for raising capital leave out vast, untapped numbers of people who want to invest in the businesses and organizations that provide real value in the real world. We are leading a movement that is bringing new capital — by directly engaging more people as investors — to the new economy — an economy that is resilient, just, and sustainable. This movement of “new capitalists” is questioning the old paradigms and bringing new models to the table that expand the capital raising options for social enterprises that are more democratic and values-driven.  These models allow all stakeholders to benefit as ventures thrive — not just investors. We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” capital raising solution — instead we bring our experience, legal knowledge, and passion to help our clients determine the best way to achieve their goals. In addition to helping social ventures raise capital, we also work to create and develop the capital markets tools, such as secondary markets, markets for the regulation of resource use, financial markets for investment in local food systems, and tools for aggregating community capital, needed to shape a truly resilient economic ecosystem.



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