One Earth

One Earth is a nonprofit ‘think and do’ tank based in Vancouver, Canada, focused on advancing sustainable consumption and production patterns from local to North American to global scales. The team collaborates with partners to highlight the links between who we are, what we buy, where we live, what we make, what we trade, and how we live together. Our passion is bringing people, ideas and activities together to accelerate the transition towards sustainability – we catalyze networking and action on the issues we care about. One Earth is working towards North American leadership in this area with partners including The Story of Stuff Project, the Urban Sustainability Directors Network and The Sustainability Funders, and – on the policy front – with the Canadian and US Government, the United Nations, private sector, media, academia, and civil society. One Earth adopts a systems approach to identify high-impact solutions. We are curating the New Economies theme of Cities for People, initiated by The J. W. McConnell Family Foundation – a Canada-wide experiment in advancing a movement to create more resilient and livable cities through innovation networks. One Earth is also co-leading a global campaign to create positive and compelling visions of life in sustainable futures.



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