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Tellus Institute strives to advance a planetary civilization rooted in justice, well-being, and sustainability. Its work addresses key dimensions of a transformative global praxis-understanding, vision, and action-by fostering scholarship, developing scenarios, and mobilizing networks for change. At this perilous juncture in human affairs, Tellus now more than ever joins engaged thinkers and thinking activists the world over in shaping a global transition, the great challenge of our time. Tellus Institute recently re-launched The Great Transition Initiative as an online forum of ideas and an international network for the critical exploration of concepts, strategies, and visions for a transition to a future of enriched lives, human solidarity, and a resilient biosphere. By enhancing scholarly discourse and public awareness of possibilities immanent in these troubled times, and by fostering a broad network of thinkers and doers, it aims to contribute to a new praxis for global transformation.