Anand Jahi

Anand Jahi is Co-Director and Movement Engagement Director for the New Economy Coalition. Anand was born and raised in the Boston area and first got involved in social justice work as a teenager as a member of Project HIP-HOP, a Boston-based youth organizing group. As an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania, Anand worked for Ase Academy, an African-centered Saturday School, and supported the unionization efforts of campus security guards and Philadelphia taxi drivers. After receiving a BA in Sociology and Africana Studies, Anand served as a Public Education Advocate with the Education Law Center and the Pushout Chapter Organizer at Youth United for Change, a Philadelphia-based youth organizing group. Prior to joining NEC’s staff, Anand completed a Master’s in Public Affairs from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. Anand loves to eat, travel (especially to Ghana), and make deadpan, sarcastic remarks.

Program Director