Eli Feghali

Eli Feghali is Co-Director and Communications Director for the New Economy Coalition. Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Eli immigrated to the United States with his parents to escape the civil war. For the past six years at NEC, Eli has directed its communications team, served on the staff leadership team, and co-edited a project called Beautiful Solutions. In Fall 2018, Eli became one of NEC’s interim Co-Directors. Through NEC and Beautiful Solutions, Eli works to the tell the story of what another world could look like — and how we get there. Before joining NEC, Eli organized in Tennessee for the migrant justice movement then on the streets of Boston during the Occupy Wall Street uprising. Today, he lives with his partner Rachel in Cambridge, MA, where he serves on the board of his local grocery cooperative, Harvest Food Co-op. Eli is also on the board of YES! Magazine.

Co-Director & Communications Director