Mike Sandmel

Mike Sandmel is the Membership Director for the New Economy Coalition. His role involves making sure NEC is in regular conversation with its member organizations across the US and Canada and that those organizations have the tools they need to communicate and collaborate with one another. Mike joined NEC in January 2013 and is based in Brooklyn, NY. He got his first real taste of what a New Economy could look like working as a mechanic at Bike Not Bombs, a non-profit bicycle shop, recycling center, and social justice organization in Boston. He graduated from New York University with an interdisciplinary BA in ecology and economics. While there, he founded and managed the NYU Bike Share, the first functioning bike-share program in New York City. Before joining NEC, Mike worked with SustainUS, a youth-run NGO that advocates for sustainable development at the UN level. He is active in various social justice and solidarity economy initiatives in New York and beyond.  
Membership Director