Tori Kuper

Tori Kuper is the Events Manager for the New Economy Coalition and was previously the CommonBound 2016 Buffalo Coordinator. She comes to the New Economy movement through the cooperative sector. She was introduced to co-ops in 2009, when she moved to Buffalo out of a desire to live in community, and became a member of Nickel City Housing Cooperative. While at NCHC, she served as President and House Treasurer, and also sat on the Boards of NASCO Properties and NASCO Education. She co-founded BreadHive Worker Cooperative, a popular worker-owned sourdough bakery, and is now working to launch Buffalo's first worker cooperative development center. Tori wrote the Worker Cooperative Resolution adopted by the Buffalo Common Council, and is organizing to advance statewide legislation to support worker cooperative development. She earned her MA in Performance Studies from New York University, where she studied the intersection of power, oppression, and subversive performance in movements for social change. Tori is a 2016 Cooperative Developer Fellow with the Democracy at Work Institute. Her primary interests include leadership development and strategies for building a cooperative culture. In addition to being a co-oper for life, Tori is a community builder, youth mentor, bagel sandwich connoisseur, fire spinner, partner, and mom.