February 13, 2020

BREAKING: NEC releases Policy Toolkit for 2020 and Beyond


Shavaun Evans Shavaun [at] neweconomy.net

Eli Feghali Eli [at] neweconomy.net

Today we are excited to share a new toolkit to support activists and organizers like YOU across the country.

Pathways to a People’s Economy was developed by a team of NEC member organizations to amplify policy wins happening on the ground and provide real examples of how to shift our economy from the bottom up.

It provides tools for communities and organizations to make concrete policy demands to advance an economy for, by, and with the people.

This work is the culmination of two years of research and collaboration with multiple networks, policy experts, community organizers, and stakeholders.

The Toolkit contains 20 high-level policy demands, 70 detailed policy asks, and multiple organizing resources focused on four key new economy areas: worker ownership, community-controlled housing, financial justice, and climate justice.

Together we can build a people’s economy.

Together we can build a future for all of us.

This is how.

New Economy Coalition