New Economy Week

New Economy Week was created to shine a light on the work of thousands of ordinary people growing cooperative and community-owned enterprises, democratizing and stabilizing finance, and finding new ways to share skills and goods as they develop new ways to measure success and meet growing human need on a finite planet. 

Launched in 2013, New Economy Week invites our members and other new economy practitioners across the US and Canada to organize panels, trainings and conversations online and in their own communities, providing a public platform to discuss some of the big questions that stand between us and a new economy.

The first New Economy Week in October 2013 included 82 events across 18 states and 2 Canadian provinces.

New Economy Week 2014

New Economy Week 2014 logo

In partnership with coalition members YES! Magazine and Shareable, we convened New Economy Week 2014 to expand on the success of 2013 and to open up dialogue on 5 major questions facing the New Economy movement:

  1. How can we honor and learn from the rich histories of communities building New Economy institutions on the frontlines of fights for racial, economic, environmental justice?
  2. How can we catalyze public conversation about the need for systemic change and the viability of economic alternatives that put people and the planet first?
  3. How can we connect and learn from successful experiments, pilot projects, and campaigns to build broad-based power and effect deep transformation at scale?
  4. How do we transition to a renewable economy without leaving the workers, young people, and communities most impacted by extractive industries behind?
  5. How can we support neighborhoods, cities, towns, and regions as the fertile ground for the kind of economy we need?

The response was incredible. New Economy Week 2014 swelled to include 121 events in 23 states and 7 Canadian provinces.

A map of New Economy Week 2014 events from the website

Excitingly, the product of these conversations now form a base of resources. Original blog posts on topics from community-owned orchards to public banking and shorter work-weeks are available on this site, along with a number of recorded panels featuring experts at the forefront of new economic thought and practice.

For more information about New Economy Week, including videos from our online panel series, visit!