December 2016

Climate-Related Investment for Resilient Communities

Organization(s): Croatan Institute

This paper explores the rapidly evolving landscape of opportunities to invest in solutions to climate change that pursue both positive environmental and social, community-level impacts. It presents an extensive overview of investment opportunities in community-oriented climate solutions across asset classes, geographies, themes, and risk/return profiles, as well as a variety of case studies of foundations, funds, and initiatives that proactively and explicitly integrate both climate and community impact considerations into their investment activities. Targeted at current and prospective DivestInvest Philanthropy foundation members, this paper is intended to help diversified institutional investors align investment portfolios with the transition to a just, low-carbon economy.


Authors: Ophir Bruck, Christi Electris, Joshua Humphreys

Contributors: Kristin Lang, Andreea Rodinciuc

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