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Posted on 7/2/19

Essays and infographics on the state of finance and popular movement solutions.

Posted on 6/24/19

When natural disasters strike, weather systems and unjust economic systems compound to cause devastation for people of color, in particular, while generating economic opportunity for the wealthy few.

Posted on 6/24/19

The deep and persistent racial wealth divide will not close without bold, structural reform. It has been created and held in place by public policies that have evolved with time including slavery, Jim Crow, red lining, mass incarceration, among many others. The racial wealth divide is greater today than it was nearly four decades ago and trends point to its continued widening.

Posted on 10/5/18

In Communities’ “Networking Communities” issue (Fall 2018, #180), authors share their journeys in exploring and creating networks—among communitarians, among communities, even among networks of communities and among communities researchers.

Posted on 9/17/18

This report examines the challenges and opportunities of worker cooperatives in the Chicagoland region. The paper discusses the need for worker cooperative development in Chicago, the current barriers cooperatives face to operating, and potential suggestions for local policy aimed at creating policies which would enable worker cooperatives to thrive. Supporting worker cooperative development could bring numerous advantages already proven in comparable cities - including growth of jobs, wages, and economic opportunity.

Produced through a partnership with Illinois Worker Cooperative Alliance and The John Marshall Law School-Chicago Business Enterprise Law Clinic.

Posted on 8/11/17

Recycling-based economic development is a powerful tool for any community looking to revitalize its economy.

Posted on 8/11/17

A new investment co-op model lets communities own and develop their commercial spaces. Though new, this model holds potential for the many neighborhoods whose business districts are decaying, controlled by distant landlords or faraway retail chains.

Posted on 7/14/17

A blog post from Cutting Edge Capital incorporating the lessons learned from marketing Real Pickles DPO.

Posted on 7/10/17

Jamie Harvie writes for the Next System Project about visions for Healthcare in a New Economy.

Posted on 7/10/17

In this New Economy Week 2015 article, leaders from the New Economy Project share the origins and strategies of the New York City Community Land Initiative, a powerful coalition using every tactic at their disposal (including board games!) to expand affordable housing in NYC through community land trusts.