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Posted on 7/23/18

Meeting sheet resource from Many Voices One Song handbook by Sociocracy for All.  More resources available online. 

Posted on 9/28/17

Explore the timeline below to view key moments in the history of rural electricity cooperatives in the U.S., and learn how electricity cooperatives are now paving the way for a renewable future in the country.


Posted on 9/1/17

Community networks have a variety of models, from offering full retail services to dark fiber approaches. Each comes with its own strengths and weaknesses and will appeal differently to different communities. Below are some common approaches, though communities often tweak these models in various ways.

Posted on 9/1/17

"Monopoly" may be a fun family night activity, but you may live in a place where you have little or no choice for Internet access.  According to FCC data, most families don't have a choice in Internet access providers, especially providers they like. Nevertheless, the biggest companies keep reporting increasing revenues every year. What's going on?

Posted on 8/25/17

Green Map's globally designed iconography is now matched to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Use them to improve communications about complex topics. More at

Posted on 8/25/17

From healthy soils, to good local jobs, we bet you didn't know that compost can have such an impact! So think twice before you throw away your compostable food scraps… because one person's trash is another's black gold. Please help us spread the word!

Posted on 8/18/17

ILSR supports the development of a diverse and distributed food waste reduction and recovery infrastructure. We hope local and state governments will consider using our hierarchy as a policy framework. We welcome comments and suggestions.

Posted on 7/14/17

At the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance, we believe that Who Fishes Matters. We've outlined 7 principles to keep in mind when buying seafood to benefit local fisherman, local marine ecosystems, and local economies.