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Posted on 2/5/18

Key resources from NEON on sysytems and power, leadership, campaigns and more for campaigners, activists, and organizers.

Posted on 8/25/17

The (Re)Building Technology: Vol 2 zine is a compilation of practices and stories from 11 global community technology grantees, including "10 Community Network Lessons," facilitation exercises, diagrams of the network designs, and more!

Posted on 8/25/17

Compiled by Ryan Gerety, Andy Gunn and Diana Nucera, for the first ever Community Technology Network Gathering at the 17th annual Allied Media Conference in 2015.

The zine explores digital justice issues, community facilitation best practices, collaborative network design, and examples of projects from Belarus, Detroit, Red Hook, India and more

Posted on 8/14/17

National and NYC based resources on the solidarity economy containing reports, audio recordings and podcasts, books, articles, films, how to guides, and relevant national and local groups.

Posted on 8/4/17

A growing body of research is proving something that many people already know: locally owned businesses create communities that are more prosperous, connected, and generally better off across a wide range of metrics. This is a roundup of the findings that are putting numbers to the harms of bigness and the benefits of local ownership.

Posted on 7/14/17

We have unique CED resources - websites, publications, case studies, videos, and more - in our CED toolbox.

Posted on 7/14/17

This is an online resource that features documents, videos, and articles about energy democracy and the growing movement to democratize energy.

Posted on 7/10/17

Shareable's "How To Share" Library is growing collection of guides that can help you save money, reduce waste, and build community through sharing. The library features dozens of resources on housing, food, family, community, cities, neighborhoods, transportation, technology, work, entrepreneurship, travel, education, the commons, money, and more.

Posted on 7/10/17

The Beautiful Solutions Gallery and Lab is an interactive space for sharing the stories, solutions and big ideas needed to build new institutional power and point the way toward a just, resilient, and democratic future.

Developed by Beautiful Solutions in partnership with This Changes Everything, this is an open-ended project that will continue to evolve based on the ideas you submit to the Lab, and the ongoing contributions of the thinkers and practitioners on the forefront of building alternatives.

Posted on 7/7/17

Planet Local is Local Futures' project to highlight and catalog the diverse examples of localization springing up all over the planet. Our examples listed range from local business and finance to local food, health, community rights, place-based education, energy, eco-communities, and more.