Resource Format: Stories and Case Studies

Posted on 8/12/20

New report from MIT CoLab on transformative strategies from movement-oriented CLTs and permanent real estate cooperatives

Posted on 8/6/20

The ebook "Library of Things: A Cornerstone of the Real Sharing Economy" features our editorial series covering the past, present and future of libraries of things.

Posted on 7/14/17

Based on Project Equity's interview with Dan Rosenberg, founder and current worker-owner of Real Pickles, in the summer of 2014

Posted on 7/14/17

How a small local food business in western Massachusetts preserved its social mission through transitioning to a worker-owned cooperative and using an innovative financing strategy.

Posted on 7/10/17

How do low-income communities learn to advance economically and build wealth? Low-income communities and communities of color, in challenging structural economic and social inequality, have historically grappled with tensions inherent to development. Who participates in, directs, and ultimately owns the economic-development process? In creating and sustaining new, inclusive economic institutions, how do community members cultivate and pass on skills, commitment and knowledge—especially among those who have long faced barriers to education and employment? And how should communities strike an appropriate balance between utilizing local knowledge and accessing outside expertise? This report draws on case studies of 11 different community economic development initiatives from across the United States to highlight a diverse set of powerful answers to these critical questions.