July 2016

Updating Cuba's Economic Model: The Role for Social and Solidarity Economy Practices

Organization(s): Sol Economics

Cuba has been transforming its economic model since 2011, and re-established relations with the U.S. in 2014. By engaging in an active question and answer format this CommonBound 2014 workshop explores what these profound changes mean for a socialist economy and the challenges of protecting the social gains of the Cuban revolution while creating a more robust, efficient economy.

Rafael Betancourt (Associate, Sol2 Economics, Colegio Universitario San Gerónimo de La Habana, SOL² ECONOMICS)
Eric Leenson (President, SOL Economics)

Filmed at CommonBound 2016 in Buffalo, NY. Videography by the Extraenvironmentalists (http://www.extraenvironmentalist.com/ )

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