Topic: Energy and Climate

Published April 2016

From healthy soils, to good local jobs, we bet you didn't know that compost can have such an impact! So think twice before you throw away your compostable food scraps… because one person's trash is another's black gold. Please help us spread the word!

Published April 2017

ILSR supports the development of a diverse and distributed food waste reduction and recovery infrastructure. We hope local and state governments will consider using our hierarchy as a policy framework. We welcome comments and suggestions.

Published July 2014

Growing Local Fertility: A Guide to Community Composting is based upon work supported under a grant by the Utilities Programs, United States Department of Agriculture and was produced by ILSR's Composting Makes $en$e Project and the Highfields Center for Composting.

Published June 2010

Shortly after the economic meltdown of 2008, Korten fleshed out a vision of an alternative to the corporate Wall Street economy. He offers his analysis and guidance on mounting a grassroots campaign to bring about an economy based on shared prosperity, ecological stewardship, and citizen democracy.

Published February 2015

This book describes how we humans live by stories and the stories that now govern our society set us on a path to certain self-destruction. It demonstrates the depth and significance of the contrast between the story by which we currently live and the nature and implications of the story now emerging.

Posted on 8/16/17

At the NEC’s Annual Meeting, representatives from a half-dozen formed a Rural Electric Co-op Working Group to support one another and the broader movement in developing strategies to help communities transform their rural electric co-ops into pillars of the New Economy. This month, we were thrilled to hear that the working group has received a $25,000 grant from Solidaire as part of their Movement R&D Fund.

Published August 2017

Policies for Shareable Cities is the first policy handbook of its kind. It includes over 30 recommended policies for how cities should regulate the true sharing economy in the areas of food, work, housing, and transportation.

Published May 2017

A veritable choose your own adventure through the New Economy, Principles of a Pluralist Commonwealth is a book that allows multiple entries into a vision for a new system by exploring the possible building blocks for that system.

Published January 2007

We have unique CED resources - websites, publications, case studies, videos, and more - in our CED toolbox.

Published January 2015

This is an online resource that features documents, videos, and articles about energy democracy and the growing movement to democratize energy.