Topic: Indigenous

Published June 2020

The intersecting crises of income and wealth inequality and climate change, driven by systemic white supremacy and gender inequality, has exposed the frailty of the U.S. economy and democracy. This document was prepared during the COVID-19 pandemic which exacerbated these existing crises and underlying conditions.


Published November 2018

Stephanie Gutierrez, co-founder of Hope Nation LLC, explores how effective community wealth building in Native communities depends on an active process of cultural translation

Event Date: 01/29/2019 - 12:00pm

Join Stephanie Gutierrez of Hope Nation LLC as she presents her new report An Indigenous Approach to Community Wealth Building: A Lakota Translation and discusses the importance of grounding community wealth building efforts in the values and culture of the communities they serve.

Published February 2018

Local Bites is a podcast that tracks ideas and initiatives that resist corporate power, renew place-based economies, and preserve human and ecological well-being. Our goal is to feature the voices of activists and visionaries from all around the world who are driving creative grassroots initiatives that demonstrate the power of 'going local'.

Published October 2017

This webinar covers models for divestment campaigns in cities, tools for individuals and non-profits to move their money, and resources to move capital as an individual or part of a campaign

Published February 2015

This book describes how we humans live by stories and the stories that now govern our society set us on a path to certain self-destruction. It demonstrates the depth and significance of the contrast between the story by which we currently live and the nature and implications of the story now emerging.

Published January 2007

We have unique CED resources - websites, publications, case studies, videos, and more - in our CED toolbox.

Published July 2017

The Beautiful Solutions Gallery and Lab is an interactive space for sharing the stories, solutions and big ideas needed to build new institutional power and point the way toward a just, resilient, and democratic future.

Developed by Beautiful Solutions in partnership with This Changes Everything, this is an open-ended project that will continue to evolve based on the ideas you submit to the Lab, and the ongoing contributions of the thinkers and practitioners on the forefront of building alternatives.

Published July 2016

This CommonBound 2014 opening plenary panel explores what it means for our movements to “win.” Grounding us in a framework of decolonization, community self-determination and sovereignty, we dive deep into why we do this work. Each of the panelists share their perspective on what is unique about this moment in history — from the political and economic level, to the cultural and ecological.

Published April 2017

View the recordings of these online discussions, organized by Local Futures, which address key issues in the debate around economic globalization and localization - from food and energy to education, trade, and the role of activists. Guests include Bill McKibben, Charles Eisenstein, Richard Heinberg, Manish Jain, Michael Shuman, and more.