Topic: Movement Building

Published July 2016

Outside of the US, there are a number of powerful examples of new economies at scale. This CommonBound 2016 plenary panel looks at a few of those international stories as we explore what economic democracy can look like at the level of a city, state, region, nation — and world. From Italy and Quebec to Cuba and El Salvador.

Published June 2017

This panel features leaders from across NYC sharing stories of communities building powerful bottom-up solutions like worker co-ops, community land trusts, and community development credit unions that model economic democracy, sustainability, and social justice.

Published May 2017

This panel, held at NEC's 2017 Member Gathering in Chicago, features leaders from across the country sharing how their communities have organized to simultaneously fight back far-right attacks and build powerful bottom-up solutions that model economic democracy, sustainability, and social justice as cornerstones of a new world in waiting.

Published May 2016

The PMA methodology is not the property of any single organization, person, or group. This Organizing Handbook is designed for organizers, educators, activists, and community members who want to use the Peoples Movement Assembly methodology to build power in their community, on their frontline struggle, and in our social movements.

Published February 2012

Wondering what kinds of businesses and organizations are part of New York City’s solidarity economy? SolidarityNYC recently finished a series of short films, Portraits of the Solidarity Economy, featuring the stories of solidarity economy leaders and the projects they serve.

Published January 2017

Movement Generation is proud to offer you their new Strategic Framework for a Just Transition Zine! Offered in English and Spanish, it is a 32-page long training tool and offers a framework for a fair shift to an economy that is ecologically sustainable, equitable and just for all its members. It is full of visuals, stand-alone sections, and curriculum ideas.

Event Date: 02/22/2017 - 6:30pm

This popular education workshop and panel discussion will bring together folks at the forefront of the local, regional, and national movement to RESIST an economy run by banks and tanks and to BUILD an alternative, grassroots system that puts people over profit.

Posted on 9/20/16

The relationship between local governments and the social economy, was the focus of the Global Social Economy Forum, which took place earlier this month in Montreal, Quebec, a province where roughly 7% of the workforce is employed by a co-op or non-profit business and where public investment in the sector hovers around $100 Million CAD annually.

Event Date: 09/16/2016 (All day)

Join us as we dig deep into what the road ahead holds in building a solidarity economy, new leadership,politics, roles, and relationships.

Event Date: 11/18/2016 (All day)

RootsCamp is an annual gathering of progressive organizers from across issues and around the country who learn, celebrate, and grow together. It is run as an unconference, meaning YOU set the agenda.