Topic: Transportation

Published September 2017

In this episode, we continue our exploration of the exciting and contentious idea of Universal Basic Income.


— Juliana Bidadanure (Stanford)
— Doug Henwood (Jacobin)
— Rutger Bregman
— Kathi Weeks
— Erik Olin Wright
— Richard Wolff
— Matt Bruenig
— Martin Kirk
— Manda Scott
— Sofa Gradin

Published May 2016

Bike Ready reuses footage from Superstorm Sandy and the actual community based relief on two wheels provided to deliver supplies, communicate, evacuate and generate electricity. In the spirit of mutual aid, let's get ready, bicyclers everywhere! 4 minute video

Published March 2017

Green Map's globally designed iconography is now matched to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Use them to improve communications about complex topics. More at

Published August 2017

Policies for Shareable Cities is the first policy handbook of its kind. It includes over 30 recommended policies for how cities should regulate the true sharing economy in the areas of food, work, housing, and transportation.

Published May 2015

This report offers guidance in balancing stakeholder interests and implementing rational approaches to parking policy.

Published July 2017

Shareable's "How To Share" Library is growing collection of guides that can help you save money, reduce waste, and build community through sharing. The library features dozens of resources on housing, food, family, community, cities, neighborhoods, transportation, technology, work, entrepreneurship, travel, education, the commons, money, and more.

Published July 2017

The Beautiful Solutions Gallery and Lab is an interactive space for sharing the stories, solutions and big ideas needed to build new institutional power and point the way toward a just, resilient, and democratic future.

Developed by Beautiful Solutions in partnership with This Changes Everything, this is an open-ended project that will continue to evolve based on the ideas you submit to the Lab, and the ongoing contributions of the thinkers and practitioners on the forefront of building alternatives.

Published July 2017

Few Americans are aware of the steady build-up of innovative community wealth building strategies throughout the United States. is a resouce library which brings together, for the first time, information about the broad range of community wealth building activity.