Working Groups

As part of our work to catalyze collaboration between leading New Economy organization, NEC helps coordinate several member-led Working Groups. These Include:

Communications: The communications working group is a community of practice for those working on communications and digital organizing. This group creates space for communications leaders at NEC member organizations to share resources and experiences, generate ideas and projects, build relationships, and recieve training.

Metanarrative: This group is working in close partnership with the Center for Story-Based Strategy to build alignment around a New Economy story that reaches beyond the choir. Together, this group engages in trainings, materials creation, communications experiments, and joint communications campaigns.

Policy: The policy working group works to address public policy-related needs within NEC's membership, to provide trainings and resources, and to develop public policy goals for the network. Stay tuned for the Policy Toolkit scheduled to release in 2020.

Rural Electric Co-op Organizing: ~40 million Americans are member-owners of rural electric co-ops. This group supports leaders who are trying to harness that power for people and the planet. Check out their newly released REC Toolkit and hear what some of the creators have to say about it.

To learn more about NEC's working groups or having your organization become an NEC member please contact membership [at]