NEC is uniquely poised to catalyze visionary thinking and action for a new economy. By holding space for deep engagement with big ideas, weaving and amplifying our collective story, and offering direct support to the leading edges of our movements, NEC plays a critical role in helping us envision what the future can and should look like. NEC does this in a number of ways:

Network Building and Member Engagement

NEC’s network of member organizations is the beating heart of our work. In 2015, we will focus on deepening relationships among members, building a shared sense of identity and purpose, and explicitly engaging groups to work in solidarity with frontline communities. In May 2015, we will hold our second annual members meeting where we will elect new NEC board members and continue to co-create a long term strategic agenda.

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Regranting and Direct Movement Support

In the past two years we’ve learned how NEC can play an important role distributing resources to support new economy projects and campaigns on the ground. Informed by our experience, NEC’s Grants Program will expand in 2015 to support a wider range of initiatives, continuing to support youth and students while also prioritizing work happening on the frontlines of economic and environmental struggle. We will be making grants through targeted interventions accompanied by deeper collaboration, networking, and direct support to our grantees.

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Storytelling and Resource Sharing

Building a new economy requires us to tell new stories that can shift culture, create unity, and inspire people to think differently about what’s possible. Amplifying the work of NEC’s member and crafting a powerful new economy narrative is a priority, and we will be working closely with partners inside and outside the network to make it happen in 2015.

We will also collect and distribute tools that can support groups and individuals to become more effective in transforming their communities and the world. On our new website, we will feature the latest new economy news, publications, and events from across the US and Canada.

We will also continue to keep our ears open for new opportunities to engage in movement conversations and projects—and we hope you will join us along the way!

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