At NEC, we work to catalyze the visionary thinking and resistance taking place around the country and the world into action for a new economy. By holding space for deep engagement with big ideas, weaving and amplifying our collective story, and offering direct support to the leading edges of our movements, NEC plays a critical role in helping us envision what the future can and should look like.

We do this in a number of ways:

Network Building and Member Engagement

NEC’s 200+ network of member organizations is the beating heart of our work. They represent the many facets of the new economy: from racial justice, to community broadband, and oceanic farming. At NEC we work to deepen relationships between these groups so that they can learn from each other and build a shared sense of identity and purpose. We do this throughout the year, as well as through working groups, network gatherings, and our annual member meeting where we elect board members and co-create a shared strategic agenda.

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Youth and Frontline Grants

NEC’s Youth and Frontline Regranting Program is one of the organization’s longest-running and established efforts driven by the belief that youth and frontline groups are doing some of the most imaginative and creative work happening in the new economy sphere. 

In years past, grant recipients were chosen by the NEC staff. Beginning in 2017, grantees will be determined by a seven member committee comprised of former grantees, coalition members, and NEC board members. This shift in structure is a reflection of NEC’s commitment to democratic decision-making and centering youth and frontline voices. I addition to grants, we are dedicated to weaving our grantees’ movement work with each other and the broader NEC membership, shared movement spaces, and storytelling.

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Storytelling and Training

Building a new economy requires us to tell new stories that can inspire, create unity, and shift culture. NEC works closely with partners inside and outside the network to make this happen. Through a collaboration with The Media Consortium and The Laura Flanders Show, we launched the New Economy Reporting Project to support journalists in telling the story of the growing new economy movement. In addition to amplifying their work, NEC works to support, train, and provide resources to help members tell their own stories and reach new audiences.

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CommonBound is NEC’s bi-annual international conference that unites hundreds of New Economy leaders from around the world to share strategies and stories, build relationships, highlight achievements, and chart a shared path toward an economy that puts people and planet first. This summer, over 700 people across the new economy movement will come together in St. Louis, MO for CommonBound 2018. In past years, CommonBound has answered the questions of what is a new economy, why do we need one, and who is it building it. Next July, CommonBound will connect these threads and focus on another question: How do we build a new economy?