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New Economy Roundup: Practicing Abolition, Organized Labor & Housing Co-ops, Black Solidarity Economy Fund

This week we’re talking about how the solidarity economy requires abolition practices, leaving corporate landlords in the past and building tenant power, a new pilot project between co-ops and organized labor, and, of course, solidarity with all oppressed people everywhere.

New Economy Roundup: Black Co-op History, Fighting Fascism Everywhere, Solidarity Economy Case Studies

This month we’re talking about Black cooperative history, five case studies of regional solidarity economies, and how people are resisting the growing tide of fascism from Atlanta to Oaxaca to Argentina while building community power.

New Economy Roundup: Co-ops Challenging Capitalism, Wiyot Land Back, Free Palestine

This month, we’re talking about solidarity economy ecosystems in Dayton, New Orleans, and Seattle; the return of Wiyot ancestral lands, the shack-dwellers movement in South Africa, anticapitalism in Rojava, non-extractive lending, and more. We’re also expressing our solidarity and highlighting the connections between liberation struggles in Palestine, Congo, Haiti, and Atlanta.

New Economy Roundup: Solidarity with Palestine, Land Liberation, Co-op Month

This month we’re talking about calls for a ceasefire in Gaza, land liberation and rematriation, and solidarity with Haiti and Rojava. Keep reading to learn more about cooperative finance in Ghana, Co-op Month, new job opportunities, upcoming events, and more.

New Economy Roundup: People’s Climate Week, Latinx Co-op Ecosystems, Feminist Organizing Schools

This month we’re talking about Peoples’ Climate Week in NYC, a win for community land trusts in Miami, immigrant-led cooperatives, peoples’ assemblies in Kenya, feminist organizing schools, a message from the Black Solidarity Economy Fund, and more.

New Economy Roundup: Celebrating Black August, Maui Just Recovery, Participatory Democracy Wins

This month we’re talking about everything from Black August to just recovery in Maui. Learn more about just recovery wins in Seattle, African Francophone resistance to imperialism, Ecuador’s historic referendum, and the power of quilombos. Make sure you scroll to the...

New Economy Roundup: Land Back Win, People’s Budgets, Queer & Trans Solidarity Economies

This week we’re talking about a land back win in the Bay, queer liberation, a people’s budget showdown in Boston, Stop Cop CIty in Atlanta, getting Cuba #OfftheList, communes in Venezuela, and more.

On another note, NEC has got our big 2023 Annual Member Meeting coming up this July 11-13. We’re seeking sponsorships to enable us to make this an equitable event through offering childcare, food stipends, and honoraria to members. Please click here to learn more about being a sponsor!

Thank you to Natural Investments for sponsoring our annual member meeting stipends. This helps make care work in our network possible!

New Economy Roundup: Union Co-op Power, Take Back the Land, Scaling up the Solidarity Economy

This week we’re talking about union co-op power, land back by any means necessary in Puerto Rico, scaling up the Solidarity Economy in Appalachia, the legacy of Nakba Day and more. On another note, NEC has got our big 2023 Annual Member Meeting coming up this July...

New Economy Roundup: Fighting for Land Back, Food Sovereignty, and Cannabis Justice

This month we’re talking about how to get right with the land. Black farmers fighting eminent domain and starting a cannabis co-op, Indigenous nations are taking back their ancestors' recipes in the name of food sovereignty, and women in Rojava, Syria are battling...

New Economy Roundup: Feminist & Popular Economies, A World Without Bosses, Economics for Emancipation

This week we’re talking about feminist and popular economies from the US South to South America and beyond, banks for the people, community control in the Bronx, Welaunee forest defenders, imagining a world without bosses, a solidarity economy learning tour in Barcelona, a new course on using economics to get us free, and more.  

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Resource List: Free Palestine

Resource List: Free Palestine

November 29th marked the International Day of Solidarity with Palestine. We stand with movements around the world calling for a permanent ceasefire and an end to the occupation.

Solidarity Economy Shorts #1: Land Liberation with Nuns & Nones

Solidarity Economy Shorts #1: Land Liberation with Nuns & Nones

Solidarity Economy Shorts is a podcast collaboration between NEC & Cooperative Media Journal. In our first episode we talk about LAND LIBERATION, and engage in conversation with NEC member Nuns & Nones, a community of sisters and seekers who connect to explore the themes of justice, spiritual practice, and how to respond to the needs of the times.

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Fall 2023 New Member Cohort

Fall 2023 New Member Cohort

We are thrilled to welcome the following 8 organizations as members of the NEC network! This incredible cohort of new members are bringing important sectors, regions, and strategies that were underrepresented in the network. The NEC Team thanks you all for the...

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