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New Economy Roundup: Seeding Land Return, Cooperative Lending, Wins for Worker Ownership

This week we’re talking about the role of co-ops in land justice, cooperative community lending, policy wins in worker ownership, reproductive justice and cross-border solidarity, Indigenous resistance to Amazon in South Africa, a new fund for climate loss and damages, and more.

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New Economy Roundup: Co-op Housing History, Abolition in Action, Community Self-Determination from PR to Jackson to Haiti

This week we’re talking about the right to self-determination from Puerto Rico to Jackson to Haiti, histories of co-op housing in New York City, putting abolition in action through peoples’ assemblies and participatory budgeting, local farming in resistance to capitalism in Jordan, and more!

New Economy Roundup: Co-op Month, Climate Reparations, Participatory Democracy 101

This week we’re talking about celebrating co-op month this October, Latinx legacies of cooperation and mutualism, growing calls for climate reparations, a solidarity economy learning tour in Spain and Italy, a new toolkit on participatory democracy, and more.

New Economy Roundup: Confronting Climate Chaos, Youth Co-op Power, Solidarity Economy 101

This week we’re talking about the growing climate emergency, youth building solidarity and worker power, strategies for a cooperative food system, the 10-year anniversary of the Rojava Revolution, mutual aid in Ukraine, an introduction to solidarity economies with Julia Ho & Dr. Jessica Gordon Nembhard, and more.

New Economy Roundup: Defend Abortion Rights, Queer Cooperative Love, Public Banking for Racial Justice

This week we’re talking about resisting the overturn of Roe vs. Wade, queer and trans-led cooperative organizing, liberated zones in ATL, how public banking can advance racial justice, solidarity with resistance in Ecuador and across all borders, land without landlords, and more.

New Economy Roundup: Food & Land Sovereignty, Decolonizing Economics, Worker Power on the Rise

This week we’re talking about colonialism as a driver of the climate crisis, struggles for food and land sovereignty, public control of public goods, cooperative finance in Haiti & Grenada, how cities are using municipalism to gain democratic control of cities and towns, and more!

New Economy Roundup: Care Economy vs War Economy, Radical Municipalism, Ni Una Menos

This week we’re talking about putting the values of a care economy into practice, resources for anti-imperialist study, an upcoming series for May Day on radical municipalism around the world, the growing anti-eviction movement in Brazil, actions on International...

New Economy Roundup: Black Co-op Futures, Reproductive Justice Wins, Land-based Healing

This week we’re talking about Black cooperative economics, the 2021 worker co-op State of the Sector report, wins for reproductive justice in Latin America, worker power in Haiti and Mexico, land-based healing in Lebanon, and more. “The Freedom Quilting Bee, a...

New Economy Roundup: Union Co-op Organizing, Community Care & Omicron, No Landlords

We’re back in 2022 to bring you more solidarity economy news, resources, and events! This week we’re talking about community care in the midst of the pandemic, a new toolkit for union co-op organizing, strategies for community-controlled housing, food sovereignty in Brazil, recuperated factories in Argentina, and more.

New Economy Roundup: #Striketober, Co-ops vs. the Gig Economy, Growing Mutual Aid

It’s the last New Economy Roundup of 2021! Let us know what you love about the Roundup and what you’d like to see change next year. This week we’re talking about the growing wave of strikes around the world, frontline climate solutions, how Black co-ops are carrying forward legacies of care and survival, cooperative alternatives to the gig economy, the connections between mutual aid and the solidarity economy, and more.

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The Ujamaa Hour Archives

The Ujamaa Hour Archives

The Ujamaa Hour is a monthly webcast hosted by writer, facilitator, and organizer, Michael Tekhen Strode, exploring the Black social and solidarity...

Mutual Aid Legal Toolkit

Mutual Aid Legal Toolkit

"Mutual aid networks exploded onto the scene with pandemic shelter-in-place orders. By some counts, there are well over 1,000 new mutual aid...

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Summer Slowdown: August 1-26

Summer Slowdown: August 1-26

We’re slowing things down at NEC for the month of August! As part of our ongoing work to build an organizational culture of rest and collective care, our offices will be closed from August 8-19. We’re also taking this week and the week of August 22-26 as “slowdown...

We’re Hiring a Digital Organizer

We’re Hiring a Digital Organizer

Join our team! We’re looking for a FT 32 hour/week Digital Organizer. This person is a graphic designer and content creator who can provide hands-on support for NEC communications campaigns, while amplifying the work of our 200+ members to build the solidarity economy.

Join our team! NEC is hiring a Chief of Staff

Join our team! NEC is hiring a Chief of Staff

Location: Remote position (anywhere in the US)Compensation: To determine our staff salaries, NEC uses an equity-based compensation calculator to determine exact rates. Salary for this position is $68K, with adjustments upward to a maximum of $90,000 based on various...

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