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New Economy Roundup: Solidarity in the Crisis, Local Elections Wins, Give to the Solidarity Economy

This week we’re talking about why the COVID crisis calls for a solidarity economy, local wins for economic democracy, mutual aid hurricane recovery in Central America, the imperialist origins of the US constitution, and how you can support our network. Stories from...

New Economy Roundup: Democracy Defense, Public Banking Act, Land as Commons

As we wait to see the full results and impacts of this week’s election, in this week’s New Economy Roundup, we’re sharing resources on how to defend the elections now and build democracy beyond elections moving forward. We’re also talking about the new Public Banking...

New Economy Roundup: #CoopsVote, Evict the Landlords, Mental Health

In this week’s New Economy Roundup, we’re talking about building democracy beyond elections, how tenants are evicting their landlords, the youth building agroecology movements in Latin America, and it’s #RadicalRealEstate week!

New Economy Roundup: Indigenous Sovereignty Now, Mutual Aid 101, Latinx Co-op Power

In this week’s New Economy Roundup, we’re talking about policy tools to advance Indigenous sovereignty and land return, how to set up a mutual aid fund, new research about Latinx Co-ops, an upcoming event with the Rising Majority to put capitalism and white supremacy on trial, and more.

New Economy Roundup: Justice for Breonna, Public Pharma, Just Recovery & Solidarity Economy 101

In this week’s New Economy Roundup, we’re talking about justice for Breonna Taylor, why big pharma exacerbates racial health inequities and how democratic public ownership offers a remedy, cooperative approaches to education and childcare, an intro to the solidarity economy, and lessons about just recovery and community-led disaster relief on the third anniversary of Hurricane Maria.

New Economy Roundup: Climate Justice Now, New Media for a New Economy, a People’s WPA

This week we’re talking about the escalating climate emergencies across the country, the CDC eviction moratorium, and a radical new show on public television. Plus, an Indigenous-led food exchange network in Costa Rica, a Works Progress Administration for the people, funding for arts co-ops, today’s Worker Cooperative Conference, and more.

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Billionaire Bonanza 2020: Wealth windfalls, tumbling taxes, and pandemic profiteers

Billionaires dominate our politics, culture, and economy. Their wealth, as this report shows, has concentrated mightily over the last four decades — even as the number of U.S. households with zero or negative net worth is increasing and most of us are living paycheck to paycheck.

The current pandemic is exposing our central economic and social reality: Extreme wealth inequality has become America’s “pre-existing condition.”

In this report, we show how billionaire wealth has grown astoundingly over the last few decades — and, for some “pandemic profiteers,” even more dramatically since the COVID-19 crisis — even as billionaire tax obligations have plummeted.

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Help Us Grow Our Roots in the Solidarity Economy

Help Us Grow Our Roots in the Solidarity Economy

In 2020, we’re ready to take our work deeper. But we need your support! Our goal is to raise $100K by the end of the year, so that we can build a solidarity economy movement that cannot and will not be ignored. Our Interim Co-Director, Kelly Baker, explains why your support is crucial as we enter a new decade

NEC webstore is open!

NEC webstore is open!

NEC has partnered with the worX printing cooperative, and union merchandising platform FII Marketing to bring you on-demand access to Fire The Bosses T-shirts, Totes, Mugs, and Bumper Stickers.

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