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W and Mondragon USA are building a national network of unionized worker-owned cooperative businesses to overcome inequality of opportunity, mobility, and income.

American Sustainable Business Council

The mission of American Sustainable Business Council is to create a new vision and framework and advance market solutions and policies that ensure a vibrant, just, and sustainable economy.

Appalachian Voices

Appalachian Voices defends our region from mountaintop removal coal mining, fracked-gas pipeline building, and other harmful practices while promoting clean energy sources that generate local jobs and community wealth and that sustain Appalachia’s incomparable natural heritage.

Austin Cooperative Business Association (ACBA)

The Austin Cooperative Business Association (ACBA) works to build and expand the cooperative economy in central Texas.

Beautiful Trouble

Beautiful Trouble equips grassroots movements with tools to be creative, strategic and solution-oriented. Our books, trainings, web tools and global network of visionary thinkers and doers distill best practices and animate possibilities for transformative change.

Beneficial State Foundation

Beneficial State Foundation's mission is to create, guide, and promote a beneficial banking model that transforms the banking industry; we accelerate the transformation by attracting human, financial, intellectual and capital resources to beneficial banking.

Boston Impact Initiative

The Boston Impact Initiative is a place based, impact investment fund that partners with businesses and organizations throughout the region to create systemic shifts in opportunities for urban communities.

Boston Ujima Project

Boston Ujima Project is a cooperative business, arts and investment ecosystem, built by and for Boston’s working class Black, Indigenous and communities of color.

Bronx Cooperative Development Initiative

BCDI is growing an equitable, sustainable, and democratic local economy in the Bronx that creates shared wealth and ownership for low-income people of color.

BYP 100

BYP100 is an activist member-based organization of Black 18-35 year olds, dedicated to creating justice and freedom for all Black people through building a network focused on transformative leadership development, direct action organizing, advocacy, and education.

Canadian Community Economic Development Network

CCED-NET is a member-led organization committed to strengthening communities by creating economic opportunities that improve environmental and social conditions.  We bring people and organizations together to share knowledge and build a collective voice for Community Economic Development action.

Canadian Worker Co-op Federation

CWCF is a national, bilingual grassroots membership organization of and for worker co-operatives and organizations that support the growth and development of worker co-operatives.

Candide Group

Candide Group directs capital away from an extractive global economy towards investments dedicated to social justice and sustainability.

Carolina Common Enterprise

Carolina Common Enterprise works for an economy in which all people participate and prosper. We help to develop new and expanding cooperatives through cultivating economic opportunities and connecting communities and resources to each other.

Center for Community Wealth Building

Center For Economic Democracy

C.E.D. engages progressive donors, private sector leaders and government officials to support  popular organizing, economic development and cultural activism in our most vulnerable communities.

Center for Popular Economics

The Center for Popular Economics is a nonprofit collective of political economists based in Amherst, MA. Since our founding in 1979, thousands of people have participated in our workshops and Institutes.

Clean Energy Works

Clean Energy Works connects champions of energy efficiency and renewable energy with resources that accelerate investment in clean energy solutions.

Co-op Cincy

Co-op Cincy nurtures a resilient, integrated network of worker-owned businesses in the Greater Cincinnati region to create an economy that works for all.


CODEPINK is a women-led grassroots organization working to end U.S. wars and militarism, support peace and human rights initiatives, and redirect our tax dollars into healthcare, education, green jobs and other life-affirming programs while growing Local Peace Economies.

CoFed: Cooperative Food Empowerment Directive

CoFED provides tools and trainings for campus communities to develop strong cooperatively-run food businesses.     We engage with a dynamic network to increase access to healthy food while promoting thriving, equitable, and resilient local economies.

Common Future

Common Future creates real prosperity by connecting leaders, spreading solutions that work, and attracting investment toward local economies.

Common Good

Community Purchasing Alliance Cooperative

Community Purchasing Alliance is a social-purpose cooperative -- 100% owned by our members -- that builds volume to help community institutions (faith, education, housing, non-profit) get better deals on everything that costs money from utility bills to maintenance services, copier leasing to waste hauling.

Cooperation Buffalo

Our mission is to mobilize workers to achieve economic security through cooperative business ownership in order to generate wealth and power in communities most affected by inequality.

Cooperation Jackson

Cooperation Jackson is an emerging network of cooperative enterprises and supporting social solidarity institutions based in Jackson, MS.

Cooperation New Orleans

Cooperation New Orleans’ mission is to develop worker-owned cooperatives and the structures to support them, with a focus on poor and working class Black, indigenous, and immigrant communities.

Cooperation Richmond

Cooperation Richmond builds community controlled wealth through worker-owned and community-owned cooperative businesses and enterprises by and for low-income communities and communities of color in Richmond whose wealth has been extracted.


Cooperative Development Institute

Cooperative Development Institute (CDI)'s mission is to work with people in the Northeast to create cooperative businesses and networks that grow a prosperous, equitable economy.

Cooperative Development Program of the Center for Family Life

The Cooperative Development Program's mission is to support community residents’ efforts to organize cooperative businesses and establish a platform for achieving economic goals.

Cooperative Economics Alliance of New York City

The Cooperative Economics Alliance of New York City (CEANYC) strengthens and expands community-led, democratically-controlled initiatives — from worker, financial and consumer co-ops to community land trusts and gardens, mutual housing, and low-income housing co-ops.

Cooperative Federal

Our mission is to build the local economy in ways that foster justice, serve people and communities that are underserved by mainstream financial institutions, and responsibly manage our members’ assets provides digital tools and strategic support to people who want to build better workplaces.

COWS (Center on Wisconsin Strategy)

COWS is a national think-and-do tank that promotes “high road” solutions to social problems. These treat shared growth and opportunity, environmental sustainability, and resilient democratic institutions as necessary and achievable complements in human development.

Croatan Institute

Croatan Institute is an independent institute for advanced social and environmental research and engagement. With initial funding from foundations, sustainable investment groups, civil society, and community development organizations, the Institute’s activities address some of the most complex sustainability challenges of our time, often in close partnership with practitioners in the field and movements for social and environmental change.


CURE’s mission is to protect and restore resilient rural landscapes by harnessing the power of citizens who care about them.

Cutting Edge Counsel

The mission of Cutting Edge Capital is to provide leadership toward a healthy, just, and sustainable new economy.

Democracy at Work

The mission of the Democracy at Work Institute is to expand the worker cooperative model to reach communities most directly affected by social and economic inequality, specifically people of color, recent immigrants, and low-­wage workforces.

Democracy At Work Institute

The Democracy At Work Insitute is dedicated to building the field of worker cooperative development. Through research, education and relationship-building, it meets the need for coordination of existing resources, development of standards and leaders, critical discussion of models and best practices, and advocacy for worker cooperatives as a community economic development strategy.

Democracy Collaborative

The mission of The Democracy Collaborative is to help catalyze a moral and political transformation of the US political economy into a next system that is inclusive, just, and ecologically sustainable—in contrast to today’s amoral economy of financial extraction.


Demos is a public policy organization working for an America where we all have an equal say in our democracy and an equal chance in our economy. 

Detroit Community Wealth Fund

Detroit Community Wealth Fund exists to empower innovative historically-marginalized Detroiters. We blend education and programming about cooperatives with non-extractive loans to support democratic and community-based businesses in Detroit.

Fair World Project

Fair World Project (FWP) educates and advocates for a just global economy

Foundation for Intentional Community

Our mission is to support and promote the development of intentional communities and the evolution of cooperative culture.

Grassroots Economic Organizing Collective

Our mission is to Chronicle, Connect, Convene, and Catalyze activities regarding movements that promote workplace democracy and democratic coordination of the larger economy. Our processes are consistent with our goals. We pursue these values in a democratic fashion, prioritizing the voices of practitioners. We achieve this by maintaining an evolving online library of the worker cooperative and solidarity economy movements and their recent history, producing an online newsletter (and sometimes print media), and convening conferences.

Green America

Green America is a not-for-profit membership organization founded in 1982. Our mission is to harness economic power—the strength of consumers, investors, businesses, and the marketplace—to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society.


GreenWave supports a new generation of ocean farmers and innovators working to restore ecosystems, mitigate climate change and build a blue-green economy.

Higher Purpose Co.

Our mission is to create economic opportunity in the Northwest Region of the Mississippi Delta by supporting underserved entrepreneurs.

Highlander Research and Education Center

Highlander serves as a catalyst for grassroots organizing and movement building in Appalachia and the U.S. South. Through popular education, participatory research, and cultural work, we help to create spaces at Highlander and in local communities where people gain knowledge, hope and courage, expanding their ideas of what is possible.

hOurworld cooperative

We provide social architecture, training and free software to time banks worldwide. Our mission statement is "Peace, Abundance and Sharing through Equality in Exchange."

Humans United in Mutual Aid Networks (HUMANs)

Humans United in Mutual Aid Networks (HUMANs) is a global umbrella cooperative offering tools, experiences, and material support to members of sister mutual aid projects.

Institute for Local Self Reliance

The Institute’s mission is to provide innovative strategies, working models and timely information to support environmentally sound and equitable community development. To this end, ILSR works with citizens, activists, policymakers and entrepreneurs to design systems, policies and enterprises that meet local or regional needs; to maximize human, material, natural and financial resources; and to ensure that the benefits of these systems and resources accrue to all local citizens.

Intelligent Mischief

Intelligent Mischief is a creative action design lab whose mission is to boost invention and imagination, realign action logic, and experiment with new forms of civil society to create atmospheres of change.

James and Grace Lee Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership

The mission of the Boggs Center is to nurture the transformational leadership capacities of individuals and organizations committed to creating productive, sustainable, ecologically responsible, and just communities.

Jobs With Justice

Jobs With Justice believes that all workers should have collective bargaining rights, employment security and a decent standard of living within an economy that works for everyone.

Justice Funders

Justice Funders is a partner and guide for philanthropy in reimagining practices that advance a thriving and just world. We envision a world that honors the sacredness of our natural resources and recognizes the inalienable rights of all. We assert that philanthropy must take an active role in building this world by redistributing wealth, democratizing power and shifting economic control to communities.

L.A. Co-op Lab

LA Co-op Lab works to increase democratic economic power among low-income individuals and communities of color in the Los Angeles area by offering education, technical assistance, and non-extractive loans to advance worker ownership.

Labor Network for Sustainability

The Labor Network for Sustainability believes that workers and environmentalists must be engaged together in order for our society to address the dual deepening crises of both climate and income inequality.

Little Village Environmental Justice Organization

The mission of LVEJO is to organize with our community to accomplish environmental justice in Little Village and achieve the self-determination of immigrant, low-income, and working-class families.

Local Clean Energy Alliance

The Local Clean Energy Alliance works to promote the equitable development and democratization of local renewable energy resources as key to addressing climate change and building sustainable and resilient communities.

Local Futures

Local Futures is dedicated to the revitalization of cultural and biological diversity, and the strengthening of local communities and economies worldwide. Our emphasis is on education for action: moving beyond single issues to look at the more fundamental influences that shape our lives.

Madison Workers Cooperative (MadWorC)

MadWorC is a membership organization of worker-owned and operated cooperatives. Our mission is to support and build the solidarity economy in the Madison area by promoting worker ownership and democratically controlled workplaces. We provide cooperative education, development support, peer network and technical assistance towards growing an ecosystem of worker-owned cooperatives, which can mutually support each other while addressing racial and economic disparities.

MAP Growing Green

The mission of the Massachusetts Avenue Project is to nurture the growth of a diverse and equitable local food system and promote local economic opportunities, access to affordable, nutritious food and social change education.

Mountain Association for Community Economic Development

The Mountain Association invests in people and places in Eastern Kentucky to advance a just transition to a new economy that is more diverse, sustainable, equitable and resilient.

Movement Generation: Justice and Ecology Project

Movement Generation Justice & Ecology Project inspires and engages in transformative action towards the liberation and restoration of land, labor, and culture. MG is rooted in vibrant social movements led by low-income communities and communities of color committed to a Just Transition away from profit and pollution and towards healthy, resilient and life-affirming local economies.

New Economy Project

New Economy Project’s mission is to build a new economy that works for all, based on principles of cooperation, democracy, equity, racial justice, and ecological sustainability.

New England Grassroots Environment Fund

New England Grassroots Environment Fund works to energize and nurture long-term civic engagement in local initiatives that create and maintain healthy, just, safe and environmentally sustainable communities.

North American Students of Cooperation (NASCO)

The North American Students of Cooperation (NASCO) Family of associations organizes and educates affordable group equity co-ops and their members for the purpose of promoting a community oriented cooperative movement.

Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group

Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group is the Northeast Region's Food and Farm Network.

Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance

The Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance’s mission is to enhance and maintain healthy marine ecosystems by organizing a decentralized network of community-based fishermen, fishworkers and allies.

NYC Network of Worker Cooperatives (NYC NOWC)

The New York City Network of Worker Cooperatives (NYC NOWC) is the trade association for worker cooperative businesses in the NYC metropolitan region.

Open Buffalo

Open Buffalo is a community movement for social and economic justice. Our vision is an equal and just region open to full democratic participation by all its residents, open to innovative ideas and policies; open to new leaders from disadvantaged communities; and open to meaningful economic opportunity and sustainable wealth creation for all.

Palante Technology Cooperative

​Palante Technology is a worker cooperative that provides tech consulting services to progressive nonprofit, social justice, activist and community organizations.

Parable of the Sower Co-op

Participatory Budgeting Project

Participatory Budgeting Project works to empower people to decide together how to spend public money.

Partners for Dignity and Rights

In partnership with communities, Partners for Dignity & Rights works to build a broad movement for economic and social rights, including health, housing, education and work with dignity.

Partnership for Southern Equity

The Partnership for Southern Equity (PSE) advances policies and institutional actions that promote racial equity and shared prosperity for all in the growth of metropolitan Atlanta and the American South.

Peace Development Fund

The Peace Development Fund is a public foundation providing grants and other resources to communities and organizations with which we share a common vision for change.

People United for Sustainable Housing (PUSH Buffalo)

The mission of PUSH Buffalo is to mobilize residents to create strong neighborhoods with quality, affordable housing; to expand local hiring opportunities; and to advance economic justice in Buffalo. 


PeoplesHub is an online movement school connecting and supporting groups and individuals across geographies in order to build more powerful, thriving, and transformative movements. PeoplesHub is founded on the belief that, when people at the grassroots find their power, we can change our world. By offering live interactive trainings online, PeoplesHub aims to reduce the cost of high-quality trainings, and make skills and support more accessible to community groups.

Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance (PACA)

PACA's mission is to improve the lives of people in the Philadelphia region by supporting democratically organized businesses, promoting the principles of the international cooperative movement, and growing the cooperative economy.

Platform Cooperativism Consortium

The Platform Cooperativism Consortium (PCC) is a hub for research, community building, and advocacy for co-ops that make the digital transition.


PolicyLink is a national research and action institute advancing economic and social equity by Lifting Up What Works.

Post Growth Institute

Post Growth Insititute is an international group exploring and inspiring paths to global prosperity that don’t rely on economic growth.

Power Shift Network

Through the collective power of young people and the Millennial Generation, the Power Shift Network is working for a safe climate and just future where communities are thriving and own their power, whether that power is electrical, economic, social, or political.

Project Equity

Project Equity fosters economic resiliency in low-income communities by demonstrating and replicating strategies that increase worker ownership.

Race Forward

Founded in 1981, Race Forward brings systemic analysis and an innovative approach to complex race issues to help people take effective action toward racial equity. Founded in 2002, CSI catalyzes community, government, and other institutions to dismantle structural racial inequity and create equitable outcomes for all. In 2017, Race Forward united with Center for Social Inclusion (an original NEC member organization) to become the new Race Forward.

Real Pickles

We are committed to promoting human and ecological health by providing people with delicious, nourishing food and by working toward a regional, organic food system.

Reap Goodness

Reap Goodness transforms economies via training in worker owned cooperatives for transforming Earth to vibrancy. Coordinated cooperatives eco-sets work in harmony to engrave Earth with swales, develop water collection, food forestry, water reclamation, human waste-to-compost, water for animal sanctuaries and more. Transforming Earth is a complicated set of tasks divided by 3 equal partners of worker cooperatives who work in tandem or separately as is called for by local municipalities, towns, regions, ranches and farms for conversions, and more to return land to its most natural state while guaranteeing prosperity for worker owners.

Repaired Nations

We are a pan-African network of support and resources that catalyzes the growth of cooperative ventures for a thriving and resilient future. We are living potentiality: embodying an infinite sense of possibility. We provide the network, training, funding, and supportive-infrastructure to cultivate a successful pan-african cooperative ecosystem.


Research|Action Cooperative is a collective of researchers and campaigners serving the solidarity economy and labor movement.

Resource Generation

Resource Generation organizes young people with wealth and class privilege in the U.S. to become transformative leaders working towards the equitable distribution of wealth, land and power.

Round Sky Solutions

Round Sky empowers collaborative leaders and visionaries dedicated to world-changing results through Coaching, Courses, and Organizational Trainings with Collab™, our practical and holistic toolkit for democratic decision-making, communication, and leadership practices.

Schumacher Center for a New Economics

Founded in 1980 the Schumacher Center for a New Economics works to envision the elements of a just and sustainable global economy; undertakes to apply these elements in its home region of the Berkshires in western Massachusetts; and then develops the educational programs to share the results more broadly, thus encouraging replication.

Seed Commons: A Community Wealth Cooperative

Seed Commons is a national network of locally-rooted, non-extractive loan funds that brings the power of big finance under community control. By taking guidance from the grassroots and sharing capital and resources to support local cooperative businesses, we are building the infrastructure necessary for a truly just, democratic and sustainable new economy.

Self-Help Credit Union

Self-Help is a leading community development financial institution (CDFIs) with a mission of creating and protecting economic opportunity for all, with a particular emphasis on people of color, women, and residents of low-wealth and rural areas.


The mission of Shareable is to empower everyone to share for a more joyous, equitable, and resilient world.

Sociocracy for All

Sol Collective

Sol Collective is a community-based 501(c)(3) partnership whose mission is to provide artistic, cultural, and educational programming, promote social justice, and empower youth through art, activism, music, and media experience.

Solar Commons

Solar Commons is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that stewards the development of community trust ownership for solar energy.

Solidarity Economy St. Louis

Solidarity Economy St. Louis is a network of social justice organizations, small businesses, and individuals striving to build and grow a solidarity economy: that is, an economy that embodies the values of social justice, ecological sustainability, mutualism, cooperation, democracy, and innovation while resisting the notion of every person for themselves.

Solidarity Research Center

Solidarity Research Center is a worker-owned collective of researchers, storytellers and creators, whose mission is to generate intelligence to oppose systems that don't sustain working people and the planet and help to build systems that do.


SolidarityNYC is a collective of organizers and academics who promote, connect, and support New York City’s solidarity economy.


Soulardarity is building energy democracy in Highland Park, MI and its neighboring communities through organizing, education, and developing community-owned clean energy.

Springboard for the Arts

Springboard for the Arts is an economic and community development organization for artists and by artists.

Stellar Roots

Stellar Roots is a collective of Black, Brown, and Indigenous people rooted in healing and in service of the land and land based community living in rural central Virginia.

Sustainable Economies Law Center

SELC cultivates a new legal landscape that supports community resilience and grassroots economic empowerment.

The East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative

The East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative (EB PREC) facilitates Black, Indigenous, POC (BIPOC) and allied communities to cooperatively organize, finance, purchase, occupy, and steward properties, taking them permanently off the speculative market, creating community controlled assets, and empowering our communities to cooperatively lead neighborhood and economic transformation on their own terms.

The Kola Nut Collaborative

To promote and sustain a robust timebanking infrastructure which supports non-monetary transactions amongst individuals and organizations allowing a greater sum of the realized value of work to be retained and shared within local communities.

The Laura Flanders Show

The Laura Flanders Show is a weekly TV and radio program featuring interviews with forward- looking people from the worlds of politics arts and entrepreneurship, and special reports on individuals and groups that are working to shrink inequality and alienation, shift power and build new models of development and caring.

The Toolbox for Education and Social Action (TESA)

The Toolbox for Education and Social Action (TESA) is a worker-owned cooperative whose mission is to make people’s lives more just and democratic through the use of participatory education. 

The Working World

The Working World (TWW) creates deep economic development through innovative financing and support to worker-owned businesses that build income and assets in under-resourced communities.

Transform Finance

Transform Finance works with investors and communities to ensure that capital aligns with a social justice agenda to support vulnerable groups.

Transition US

Transition US (TUS) is a national hub organization for the international Transition Towns movement.

U.S. Department of Arts and Culture

The U.S. Department of Arts and Culture is national action network of artists and cultural workers mobilizing creativity in the service of social justice.

U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives

The mission of the USFWC is to create a thriving cooperative movement through the development of stable and empowering jobs and worker-ownership.

U.S. Solidarity Economy Network

The US Solidarity Economy Network connects a diverse array of individuals, organizations, businesses and projects in the shared work of building and strengthening regional, national and international movements for a solidarity economy.

United for a Fair Economy

Using popular education, trainings, and creative communications, United for a Fair Economy supports social movements working for a resilient, sustainable, and equitable economy.


Upstream is a radio documentary and workshop series that invites you to unlearn everything you thought you knew about economics.

We Own It

We Own It is involved in catalyzing citizen action for democracy, participation, and excellence in cooperatives, through member education and organizing.


We activate community power to redesign education, economic, health, and justice systems to be just and equitable for all.

Worcester Roots Project

Worcester Roots Project is a collective of youth and adult organizers on a mission to create opportunities for economic, social and environmental justice.

Worcester Youth Cooperatives

Our mission is to support the power of youth to organize cooperative solutions to social issues they care about.

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