OurSpace supports the work of Black cooperators and educates+trains those of the Black Diaspora in the skills of growing food, basic ecological building and community organizing. Our work upends existing systems upholding capitalism, white supremacy and exploitation by taking a holistic intergenerational approach to creating health and building community. We create new narratives around thriving and abundance by spreading knowledge and skills around land stewardship, growing food for ourselves and working cooperatively with each other. OurSpace fosters healing from racial trauma and enables access to healthy culturally-rooted plant-based diets/lifestyles by facilitating our reconnection to stolen land and to each other. We facilitate reparations by funneling resources/technical assistance to existing grassroots collectives doing crucial work. Finally, OurSpace addresses Black land loss and its far-reaching consequences by scaling an intergenerational model of community land stewardship,



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