Solidarity Economy
Funding Library

Let’s open the black box of funding, investing, & fiscal sponsorship…

…and organize funders toward more cooperative, transparent, and reparative practices.

What is the Solidarity Economy Funding Library?

It’s a resource for people to find funding, investing, and fiscal sponsorship opportunities, as well as detail relationships between movement organizations and funders.

NEC’s membership has long-recognized a need in our movement to unlock more trust-based, regionally-rooted flows of capital between projects and funders. The Solidarity Economy Funding Library is a response to that call.

In the future, the Library will also be a tool of accountability—to put funders and other capital power-holders on notice by having a democratically-controlled utility that enables organizers to share detailed insights on their experiences with the funding ecosystem.

Who is included in the library?

Currently, the library includes information on the following types of opportunities:

  • Foundations—public, private, community, and family
  • Fiscal sponsors
  • City, county, state (and some federal) agencies and community and economic development corporations and/or other public/private partnerships
  • Investors, including non-extractive investors, community loans, impact investors, angel investors, and some collaborative/integrated funds
  • Banks—mostly community banks, including CDFIs, credit unions, financial cooperatives, and other lending institutions
  • Financial services organizations

In the future, we hope to incorporate other types of less traditional (e.g. donor-advised funds, fellowships, awards, accelerators, incubators) and more community-governed (e.g. giving circles, membership dues, etc.) funding opportunities.

How were organizations selected for the library?

Organizations included in the Library reflect a commitment to the following in their funding priorities:  

  1. the emergence and cultivation of solidarity economies; and
  2. investing directly in specific neighborhoods and communities in alignment with NEC’s strategy to better resource regional solidarity economy ecosystems.

Inclusion in this library does not indicate affiliation or association with the New Economy Coalition. Organizations are intended as referrals only. Information in this library has been pulled from publicly available data.

How do I use the Library?

To learn how to use the Library, please watch this short instructional video.

Art in background slide by Amir Khadar


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Inclusion in this library does not indicate affiliation or association with the New Economy Coalition and are intended as referrals only. Information in this library has been pulled from publicly available data. If you are a representative of one of these funding entities and would like to change your information or have it removed, or if you are a funding entity that would like to add your organization to this database, please contact for more information.


Grassroots Fundraising, Dues, & Donor Organizing
Fiscal Sponsorship
Funding Mutual Aid
Funding Worker Cooperatives
Non-Extractive Finance


The Funding Library is a project born out of NEC’s Movement Resourcing Working Group, which also created the below document ‘Resourcing Agreements for NEC Members & Funders’. These agreements were co-written by NEC members, staff, and board members participating in the Working Group between 2022-2023. They were also inspired by the work of peer funder organizers in the movement.

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