Democracy Collaborative

The Democracy Collaborative is a research and development lab for the democratic economy. We conduct cutting-edge research and help cultivate large-scale demonstration projects designed to promote a new economy rooted in equity, sustainability, and broad-based ownership.  We work in conjunction with a broad range of partners—from community leaders to academics to elected officials—and are currently focused on five key approaches: preserving and building community-based economies by blocking financial extraction and consolidation; extending and democratizing public ownership; grounding economic development and reconstruction in a new era of community wealth building; instituting a green industrial strategy and Green New Deal to confront the existential threat of climate change, and establishing a next-generation institute and training program that supports the movement for a democratic economy. Ultimately, our goal is to change the prevailing paradigm of economic development—and of the economy as a whole—toward a new emphasis on broadening ownership and stewardship over capital; racial equity and reparative justice; genuine economic and political democracy; stable and healthy local communities; equitable and inclusive development; and environmental, social, and institutional sustainability.



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