Collaborising is a fusion of two words: Collaborate and Rising. By working together to eradicate racism and homelessness we rise to create a more just and harmonious society. “Working together…Rising together”, is not just a tagline, but a core belief that supports our mission to challenge the unequal distribution of wealth, opportunity, and privilege that exists in our communities.

Our mission is to challenge the Unequal Distribution of Wealth, Opportunity, and Privilege in local communities so that the hope of the American Dream has potential for all people.

We do this by…

  • Centering Blackness as a Means to Undo Racism

  • Improving conditions in Homeless Encampments

  • Movement Building and Community Organizing

  • Using Restorative Justice Principles to resolve conflict and to defy inequity

  • Personalized Transformational Coaching

  • Enacting Positive Social Change



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