Beloved Community Incubator

We support workers to create and maintain collectively owned businesses so that workers can control their work, pay themselves living wages, build a democratic practice of stewarding resources together and engage in the wider Washington, DC area movement ecosystem that is building abolition and decolonization.

We provide high-touch incubation support – including leadership development, ecosystem and resource organizing and legal, bookkeeping and administrative support – for new cooperatives that create living wage work and that are led by poor and working class Black, Brown, Indigenous and People of Color.

BCI incubates new cooperatives and collectives, providing support for workers through the entire process of creating and launching their business operations. As an incubator, we provide pre-launch support, business & leadership development, governance and conflict resolution trainings, and legal, bookkeeping, and administrative support. Our pre-launch support includes a monthly stipend to offset the cost of participating in training.



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