Land Justice Futures

Land Justice Futures grew out of the Nuns & Nones movement. Founded in 2016, Nuns & Nones began as a simple invitation: Let’s bring sisters and seekers together to explore themes like community, belonging, justice, and spiritual practice. Those initial relationships gave way to many vibrant experiments, from local gatherings to a six-month residency in a convent, and ultimately, a new imagination for what spiritual community can be for our times.

While Nuns & Nones began as two distinct groups, the heart of our creative potential was in the newness that emerges in “the space in-between” our stories. As a result, we discovered a shared call among sisters and seekers to support committed communities—new and old alike—to enact the long-term work of repair and renewal that is needed in our world.

Land Justice Futures emerged as an answer to a need: We noticed that many communities were struggling alone, holding weighty discernments about the lands they’ve loved for generations. Drawing on Nuns & Nones’ spirit of mutuality and encounter, we set out to help hold these questions with a spirit of possibility and a commitment to justice. We launched in 2021 and have been on this wild, wonderful ride ever since.



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