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Fall 2023 New Member Cohort

Dec 4, 2023 | News & Updates

We are thrilled to welcome the following 8 organizations as members of the NEC network! This incredible cohort of new members are bringing important sectors, regions, and strategies that were underrepresented in the network.

The NEC Team thanks you all for the important work you are moving to make another world possible.

Agrarian Trust
Agrarian Trust’s mission is to support land access for the next generation of farmers. 

Black Oregon Land Trust
BOLT is dedicated to ensuring that Black communities in Oregon have secure and affordable land access, sustainable agricultural skills, and the protected ecosystems needed to grow economically, environmentally, and culturally thriving communities.

BOLT is committed to eliminating the systemic barriers that continue to prevent Black communities from securely accessing land, because we believe that land sovereignty is the key to achieving our visions of food justice, generational wealth and health, cultural preservation, and thriving communities.

Community Movement Builders
Community Movement Builders (CMB) is a Black member-based collective of community residents and activists serving Black working-class and poor Black communities. CMB emerged out of a need to respond to encroaching gentrification, displacement and over-policing. CMB organizes to bring power to Black communities by challenging existing institutions and creating new ones that our people control.

Endstate ATL
Endstate ATL is an organizing body dedicated to building alternative solutions to liberate Black people in Atlanta from State violence and dependency through an abolitionist, Black queer feminist lens. We are committed to achieving this through: mutual aid, direct action organizing, political education, and transformative leadership development.

Inclusive Louisiana
Dedicated to protecting the residents of St. James Parish and neighboring parishes from environmental harm caused by industrial pollution.

Our Food at RiseBoro invites communities to build a vibrant, robust food system with and for all of us. We believe that our food should keep our communities healthy, give our people dignified work, drive a just transition through the climate crisis, and bring our neighborhoods to life. Our work supports community-led solutions to our growing food system crisis. The Worker Cooperative Development work is a program within Our Food.  

In 2019, RiseBoro’s Worker Cooperative Development team co-initiated the Central Brooklyn Food Democracy Project (CBFDP) in order to create more food accessibility, good food jobs, and to organize with our community to self-determine what the food landscape looks like. The CBFDP is a multi-stakeholder partnership with Brooklyn Movement Center (BMC), a Central Brooklyn based, membership-led community organizing group; the Central Brooklyn Food Coop (CBFC), a Black-led, consumer-owned grocery store; and Worker-Owned Coops along the food supply chain that have been incubated/supported by RiseBoro. RiseBoro’s primary role within the CBFDP is to organize, support and develop the worker-owned cooperatives through our cooperative academies and ongoing technical assistance.

Ujimaa Medics
UMedics is a Black health collective. We spread emergency first response, community care, and survival skills to access health justice and long-term wellness for all Black lives.

The Energy Justice Law & Policy Center
The Energy Justice Law and Policy Center is an energy law and policy think tank and justice center. We provide frontline communities with energy policy support to participate in a just transition. The mission of EJLPC is to achieve a community informed and frontline-led clean just transition through BIPOC leadership through multi-racial and intergenerational organizing and policy advocacy. 



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