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Solidarity Economy Shorts #3: Practicing Abolition with Sol Underground

Feb 14, 2024 | Resources

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Solidarity Economy Shorts are conversations with frontline organizations and individuals that are putting solidarity economy principles into practice and using different strategies to build an economic system where communities are meeting their own needs outside of capitalism.

In our third short, we sit in conversation with NEC member Sol Underground, an abolitionist ecosystem in Atlanta dreaming of a Black and Indigenous liberated world that is resisting colonial systems of oppression. They are actualizing this dream as an autonomous community-led group that is building, joining, and maintaining networks of care.


In this episode, Ebony of Cooperative Journal Media, speaks with the founder of Sol Underground, Sunny, who begins with defining what abolitionism is and its correlation to the solidarity economy.

THINGS THAT YOU’LL LEARN: How Sol Underground’s transformed from an artist collective to supporting the unhoused community through mutual aid. They share some of the models they organize like Sol Below, a pop up tent that provides warmth and food to the homeless when the temperature drops below a certain degree. They paint a beautiful vision for a world when exploitative systems are abolished, offer practical tips for adopting an abolitionist mindset, and how to put theory into practice.

👉 Important notes & links:
Sol Underground 
Freedom Archives: dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of historical audio, video, and print materials documenting progressive movements and culture from the 1960s to the 1990s.
Abolition Notes: a free and evolving, volunteer-run education project to make the work of radical and revolutionary movements throughout history fighting for liberation more accessible 

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Podcast collaboration between New Economy Coalition and Cooperative Journal Media (@cooperativejournal).



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