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Solidarity Economy Shorts #4: Resourcing Black Solidarity Economies

May 2, 2024 | Resources

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Solidarity Economy Shorts are conversations with frontline organizations and individuals that are putting solidarity economy principles into practice and using different strategies to build an economic system where communities are meeting their own needs outside of capitalism. 

In our fourth short, we are going to learn about NEC’s Black Solidarity Economy Fund. The Black Solidarity Economy Fund (BSEF) was created to resource, convene, and uplift the work of the Black Solidarity Economy movement. The fund is managed by their member-led working group that has the autonomy to make decisions about who receives the grant and how much is awarded. Since 2020, they have redistributed $730,000 to Black solidarity economy groups across the nation. Check out the Black Solidarity Economy Fund (@blacksolidarityeconomyfund) and support their next funding cycle at 

In this episode, Ebony speaks with former grantees and members of the working group, Erin Backus from the Maternal Health Equity Collaborative and Georie Bryant from Symbodied. They share about their solidarity economy organizing in maternal healthcare and agriculture as well as the ancestral wisdom that informs their work. They talk about the collective regranting process and how it felt to shift from grantee to grantmaker.

Before the interview begins, Shardé Nabors, the Resource Redistribution Director at New Economy Coalition, grounds us in defining the solidarity economy, what BSEF is, the intention for starting it, and their plans for growth and expansion. 


THINGS THAT YOU’LL LEARN: The future that the members of the Working Group envision to build a robust Black solidarity economy, the current barriers to weaving a Black solidarity economy network, and some practical ways to activate this vision. 

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Black Solidarity Economy Fund
Maternal Health Equity Collaborative
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Check out the Black Solidarity Economy Fund (@blacksolidarityeconomyfund) and support their next funding cycle at 

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